Tuesday, February 7, 2017


The snow was soft at the Pollywood resort last week. Having each member of the pack in their own gear brought an unprecedented level of performance, and we cruised up the climbs and hooted down the descents. Strong man "No Skins" Unknown Local was the picture of grace in his scale-less, skin-less AT gear.

And the Knott was very happy to see us before 10:30. So, happy they handed out three aces and a service beer.

This week will be a completely different story.

Looks like we'll get a little under half an inch during ride time. But, with the temperature a steady 46F, the arctic wetsuit won't be necessary.



  1. In! (second and third pics not displaying on my 'puter for some reason)

  2. S@T is closed today. Think that means RG and Cman will ride tonight?

  3. In. Will most likely pick up No Car, but if riders stay at 3, would B be able to collect riders? I am debating if I should even put lube on my chain, maybe best if I just apply it to myself as a water barrier. If RG shows up on a night like tonight then I think Tacos will be Fish, and beers will be Sierra Nevadas....... and it will all be comped by the Knott staff.

  4. Replies
    1. You even monitoring the blog to declare your status, out as it may be this week, is a good sign, THTH.

  5. In
    Will bring the easy up(she has repaired) and can carpool. B meet at your house?

  6. Have fun dudes, I am out... family commitments prevail this week.

    1. There is still time to change your mind, Cappy.

  7. Out as I managed to sprain my ankle inside my ski boot after a higher than expected cliff drop at the wood on Sunday.