Monday, February 13, 2017


Well, I couldn't resist posting this for you guys to enjoy.  May it be or not be the call out, really doesn't matter.  Here he is again, doing what many FT3ers wish they could.

Remember when we all tried just getting on and off a picnic table?

Enjoy.  This is Malcolm's new favorite movie, and mine too.

Great song, awesome riding, great scenery - it's what it's all about.  I wonder how many bikes it takes to make a movie like this?

If this is the call out, then I hate to say it, OUT.


  1. In, so I guess that makes the count 1!

    Thanks for sharing the viddy, Newb. I'd not seen it yet. Mad Skillz knows how to handle a picnicking table

  2. Mad skills. I'm out. Super nasty cold. Check out Macaskill riding at the Playboy mansion.

  3. Who do you love? Your bike, your bros, your PBRs, your wife? Or does she love you so that she wants you to participate in FT3 and enjoy a complete Tuesday?

    1. 10:30 and already angling for the complete, perfected FT3 - I like it. Are you by chance already a few peebers deep?

    2. My mountain bike never complains about my taco breath

    3. Are you riding tonight Cap?

  4. I did an extensive soil infiltration survey of Pollywood this weekend. My conclusion was that conditions are so good all of FT3 and Peter would show up. I guess some just prefer dust.