Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Oh! The Wind and the Rain

From the bro-haul loading to the cheesecake gorging, last week was a bromantic Valentine's Day where everyone in the threesome got satisfied.

Tonight would be a good time for a big crew. Listening to the howling winds last night, I could only think of all the trees that FT3 will need to clear off our trails.

And while Hangtown Creek may have overtopped again, it looks like the rain will quit just before ride time. Probably still too wet for Peter, but everyone else should be good.

Lots of other activities in the works:
A motion was made to have a standing weekend Pollywood Ride. It may not be as popular while the resorts are still open, but if you ride your bike during the weekend either tell Cappy about it or keep it a secret.

Next Tuesday is Fat Tuesday. Anyone in attendance will be requested to procure one of the hurricane ingredients. I'll get the passion fruit juice and the pitcher. We still need light rum, grenadine, dark rum, simple syrup, orange juice, limes, ice (Knot Hole) and cups.

Long Ride/Backcountry Ski Day. I've got either the 19th, 25th, or 26th of March open for a full day of adventure, and am looking for a partner in crime.



  1. 3!
    I'll get OJ, limes and red solo cups. B carpool up? @5:45 your house

    1. Possible approach from the East for me today

    2. Roger that I'll pick up Nocar unless I hear otherwise

  2. I am out tonight- have fun, thanks for letting me know you guys are riding.