Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Vote the Light, Ride the Dark

As we enter the dark days of winter, FT3 must remain hopeful for sweet pithy core rides and positive political times. The rain and snow shall arrive and we will switch from tires to boards, as tepid nights make way for cold fingers and toes.

Will the *insert taco handle here* run the beloved Knott Hole into the ground before the years end?

Hopeful we remain, for country and for rain, voting is not a game, I know this poetry is lame. 


For those of you who missed it, which is all of you, 2018 Folsom Rodeo Cross was a blast. Last week's Halloween race hosted a slew of costumed riders having the time of their life. Take a moment and view the amazing photos here: https://www.flickr.com/photos/jn56/albums/72157673107087277

Here are a couple of your own FT3er, representin

Like a kid in a candy store. 

I voted. 


While last week's ride was filled with the hijinx we've come to expect of a night out with FT3,

(leg wrestling under Hwy 50)

the Taco Table was burdened with somber news. After enduring yet another round of in-her-face, spittle-drenched screaming, Tacolicious quit. She finished her shift and tossed all our tabs. In protest, the Hot Shots pulled their group photos from the wall, leaving the empty frames. We now have a taco disconnect, as neither owner nor staff are familiar with FT3. 



  1. For F*@$'s sake, what is the world coming to? We need a Coup to unseat said proprietor. I for one will be there tonight, to discuss this and other important matters. Oh, and I voted in that other debacle.


  2. What is the world coming to?
    I’m out again but shall return next week, hopefully there will be tacos to come back to.

  3. Wow, just saw this call out. Love the leg wrasslin' while hanging from a girder. And the crosser shots.