Tuesday, March 31, 2009

What to do?

It appears that the spongy stuff that makes up spring has sprung. Before it gets too hot and dusty we better enjoy these cool yet sunny days. Last Sundays ride was perfect! Actually it wasn't totally perfect, but I am a sore loser!

This is the first of many double call outs. Tonight's FT3 ride will be taping some trails we have not seen in a long, long time. There is a dandy of a north facing trail that will be perfect tonight, you will have to show up to see what it is. Also, tomorrow is race #1 for Prairie City! I can't race, but will take the kids down and babysit for those needing the excuse to get out there and throw down.

A few weeks ago we had a taco eating injury. Since that time we have not seen nor heard from the Councilman. I do monitor a police scanner at home and did hear the 911 call of a man in his mid thirties complaining that the burn in his leg wound was unbearable. There was a life flight followed by several hours of surgery to clean all Possible Side Effects out the blood stream! Serious, you should have heard it! So Councilman, are you in for tonight, how is the leg?

5:45 at Mosquito...Exit 54?

I am in tonight but will be meeting the crew up at the Knot Hole! Got my own secret training to carry out!


  1. I am in for tonight as well. Hey Matt, In Law is on his own for the XL Jersey I will be more than happy to purchase the two mediums. Cash or Check? This secret training, is it training for large amounts of hot sauce?

  2. I am in. I will meet you guys at the park and ride or at the knot.

  3. All is well in rehab. Following the ER visit, and some lengthy 'splainin to the attending physican as to "why in h3!! I would choose hot sauce over more traditional anti-bacterial solutions", I managed to keep the wounds clean and dressed. I am down to only a few small bandages, and the swelling has subsided. Oddly enough, I can ride, but am unable to run. Believe there may have been a sprain involved, and the pounding motion is aggravating, but have no xrays to prove otherwise. As for tonight, I may join afterwards, but have no legs yet. My Red Eye brethren and I embarked on a 50 mile dirt Odyssey on Sunday. Excerpt of Ride Report below. Hoping to race PCRS on Wed.

    Mountain Bike Moronathon

    Sweetwater was tough in the reverse direction, with several hike-a-bikes. It was the next section where things got interesting. We were heckled, nay, accosted by a rather sad and pathetic display from a nearby resident. As each of our party passed his property, he hurled insults and uttered a litany of grievances, each ending in the word "Moron!". Thankfully, no shotguns were brandished, and we were able to move on with our pride mostly in check. Once past this spectacle, the return trip to the ravine was largely uneventful. Other than a troop of scouts and the occasional runner, we had the trails to ourselves.

  4. It is painful for me to comment at this Holy hr that you are all just now rolling out from the Knot Hole while I am in a hotel room (on my way to not-so-happy hr however). May your wheels roll freely and the dirt Gods be with you. Until we meet again.