Monday, May 24, 2010

May 25th and Its Raining on Tuesday

I need the keyboard command of beyond capital for a big "WTF"! Yes its great for water, snowpack, fishies, and rivers, you name it, but the Tuesday rain is getting a bit...who is that I hear knocking...oh yeah its Peter and his whole flipping family to fill me in on the weather. I kid you not, I think it is warmer in Anchorage this May.

So that's it, I am kicking Peter to the curb and getting on with the business of riding and bikes. We will go ride, get wet, eat tacos and drink beer, because life is good and we are blessed to be able to ride!

The Pro Peleton is still tearing it up, offering up some of the best racing in some time. RG is awaiting his call from Radio Shack to take Lance's place at the tour. The big question is will he wear his Tour of Rancho yellow jersey on Tuesday. The Giro has been pretty fun to keep tabs on...enjoy the quick breakdown of stage 15.
<a href=";brand=foxsports&amp;playlist=videoByUuids:uuids:1003e9b6-2299-4ae0-9d52-de93791aafbe&amp;showPlaylist=true&amp;from=IV2_en-us_foxsports_videosearch&amp;fg=everyzing" target="_new" title="Rough finish to Giro Stage 15">Video: Rough finish to Giro Stage 15</a>
5:45 at Mosquito...Exit 54?
Until We Ride (in the rain)


  1. I'm out for Tuesday, business travel again!!!

    Racing both days this weekend, Folsom and Auburn.

    I'm calling ONE! for next Tuesday.

  2. I know that we don't have many die hard country music fans so I thought I would share some good lyrics with you from Luke Bryan from his song "Rain is a Good Thing". B, w/your Rye habbit, you should take note.
    *********** Lyric************
    Rain makes corn, corn makes whiskey
    Whiskey makes my baby feel a little frisky
    Back roads are boggin' up, my buddies pile up in my truck
    We hunt our honeys down, we take 'em into town
    Start washin' all our worries down the drain
    Rain is a good thing
    ********End Lyrics*****
    4 or whateve it is up to by the time I hit post.

  3. Hunting your honey down sounds like it might get you in some trouble.

  4. Exactly the kind of trouble I like if I can get it.

  5. Rain makes rye, and rye makes whiskey,
    whiskey makes the ceagles start to get risky,
    single track is boggin' up, my buddies bikes got chain suck
    We pour the PBRs down, wear spandex into town,
    Start saucin' greasy tacos with the Pain
    Rain is a ???? thing

  6. That is $&@ classic, nocar. Look out Nashville, FT3 has a songwriter. I'm
    5, THIS week. Will likely meet at Knot, as I can't get out of here until after 5.

  7. SIX, six, pick up sticks, ride them bikes and take some risk. It's FT3 in God's country, good times rid'n down a cold wet stream. Bring yer dancin shoes I got the Knott Hole blues, all my friends like PBR's too. Boss hoss is bring'n hot sauce so you better bring yer pop tops. The taco bitches er servin up rye with a pour that'll even make 'ol B cry. He's got a tear in his eye, but knows better than to touch his fly... it's FT3 hot sauce, just like the ride it's do or die!