Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Conversation Goes South!

For the last of the last of the last of the last wintry mix rides, we made the most of it. After boosting the DTI with the late departure, I discovered that there appeared to not be much of an impetus in the group. I found B, Councilman, Cap'n, NoCar, and NoHandle all waiting for me in the parking lot. We quickly got underway and immediately had a wet backside as the minimal rain had begun to immediately pool on the trails as a good indication of wet, wet, wet conditions. We dropped down the sneaker trail to the lower horse climb then transitioned over the the lake loop and Rufus' Rage to drop down the road accessed Fleming descent. Although the downhill was fun the wet conditions made for tough visibility and thus a flatter course was determined for the remainder of the ride. There may be a new handle issued when one super fast rider returns to the fold armed with his alternative to the normal barley based beverage. But that will be discussed later. At the decision to branch out and hit Rock Garden or stay on the lake loop and head home, the soggy consensus was to head for tacos fast. At this point we also began to discuss items that took the conversation to a low not seen in some time. All I can say is: Miley?!?!?! Really? Wow! The reminder of the ride was straightforward up to the point that NoCar broke his chain, that had been deemed go to go. Bike shop quality was brought up, and although the home shop is hard to beat (I have found memories of a grinder) and the Spoke seems to be doing its own to keep us happy, there are a lot of other opinions out there on our choices! Choose wisely my friends, choose wisely!

Quick, full, and quality shells were the order of the day. With the good Belgium weather in the air the conversation flowed quickly to Cross season and Cap'n took a bit of a ribbing on his game day disposition! Hey, I was void of anything near a podium this year, who am I talk! Rubbing is racing and as Cappy says himself: "'Race' here is the optimal word". Actually come to think of it the attacks were flowing last night as NoCar was put on the defensive and questioned why it was a shock that HE was picking good lines on a cross bike. All the talk did get me anxious to see what the new format will be this year. Oh yeah, it was confirmed by a camper or a knot head, never did figure that one out that B is indeed stupid...or was that crazy? Possible crazy like the fox, look out for that guy!

Sunday Ride:
With the calendar saying its close to summer time and hoping the weather is not far behind, it was determined to attempt to institutionalize the "Our Lady of the Skinny Tire" roll. The congregation will meet at the bagel shop at 7:30 from here on out. Mass of Cliff Bars and Gu will occur at noon, or when needed.

Until we ride,

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  1. Nice summary lars.
    i have to add that Nohandle was the true gentleman, pushing me across the flats as i sat on my chainless ride.