Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Ride #103

That's right my friends, we are rapidly approaching the two year point. I counted it up last night, thinking that this week was two years, but alas I was a week off. So with snow, yes snow, on the ground, tonight will mark the One Hundred and Third episod of FT3.

Unfortunately I am still on the DL, and will be celebrating my wife's birthday and unable to attend. Let the hidden blow comment field blow up with whatever P3 comments you like, but I will happily take this fine evening with the family!

The Amgen Tour of California rolls through our neck of the woods on Sunday. Sounds like most everyone will be in attendance in some respect or another. While no group viewing seems viable, FT3 will be manning the course and cheering on the best in the world. Is Amgen giving out free samples?

RG took a crit win over the weekend, keeping the train rolling. Cap'n is talking about the off season. and NoHandle and Bambi are talking up the CX season, and I, I have been spied on the El Dorado Trail, yes I admit it, I have been spied, running. Not making rides, running, what is the world coming to?

Until we ride or run (just kidding: I know I run alone)

Until we ride,


  1. That is the first sign of a problem Lars. When you start running alone it is time to get some help.

    I spent sunday puking and monday sleeping so I am out tonight.

  2. Is there a friends don't let friends comment in there?
    I will be attending my first EA meeting tonight: Endurance Anonymous. 24 Solo for me next year!

  3. Will the EA meetings be held on tuesday nights at the knot? That way we could make sure all of FT3 gets the help that they need.