Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Clock is ticking

There is one thing totally unassociated with school that the start of each year reminds me of. Namely that Cross season is right around the corner. If students show up on campus, that must mean that barriers and caution tape are getting pulled out of storage somewhere else. Last weeks "freestyle" Tuesday demonstrated that FT3 is ready to roll cross at the drop of a hat.

As for this week. The showing is bound to be light, but the tradition continues! I am out due to some start of the year events, and the camping crew is, well...camping. I do believe I heard some scuttlebutt regarding a satellite Tahoe based FT3 ride...reports will follow.

Mosquito 5:45, Exit 54?

Until We Ride,


  1. One.
    Sure has been quiet on the blog. Do I have to do the solo roll tonight?

  2. I'm knackered from the weekend, doing a recovery ride tonight; FT3 rides are not usually in that category. Only 7 more races in the road season - I can almost see the finish line.

  3. My brother is in town and he'll say, "hi have a nice ride"