Wednesday, August 25, 2010


It was a night of firsts...first sighting of Green Fro for some time, first pure FT3 kit outing, first time on long dirt road to who-knows-where, and first rattle snake sighting.

As we have not yet determind the name for the ride I will put it at as the {FM8FM}3RSPKFT3. Beverage to anyone that can figure out the code.

That road will have to be figured out as it was getting better and better the further out we got.

Oh yeah, don't be trying to steal my one, no one I say, no one can run into a dusty wall of dirt like me...

Not a first, but Councilman did require a first aid kit for the second time at the Knot????? Sympathy points?

Until we ride,


  1. Hey, since I can't be the ride leader, I thought I'd at least emulate him. Since I came away with a flesh wound, I'd say I failed on that front. Proof positive the lead dog is the best place to be. Code is too tough to crack but there is something in there about full moons, snakes, full kits, swimming and ??. Cheers to all for a solid outing.

  2. If riding tonight, I won't be able to join the pack until taco time... was thinking about doing another ride up from base camp to Pollywood leaving after 7PM. Website/updates would provide me with ride info hopefully. Because I wasn't there last week to slow the pace down, seems like everyone had a great time! Have fun later!