Saturday, August 7, 2010

Two Days Until Things Get Serious

Tuesdays CX/SSFT3 was a dose of good medicine for me. As we gear up for another school year, getting out on the CX bike and beating myself up pretty good made for me appreciate the desk chair a bit more. After some tooling around on some short newer trails, we headed up to Park Creek and out to MET. There we crossed MET and took Cappy's Cash to Bonnetti and MET. From there we came down Rufus' Rage and back to the Knot Hole post swim.

Cap'n and Safety First made it up just in time for Taco's. Although I had to bail early, seems like a very successful El Dorado outing for FT3.

Who is in for Sunday Ride? Folsom Lake Loop?

Until We Ride


  1. I'm going to be slaying the Newport Beach boardwalk on my rented cruiser.

  2. Same place and time to meet tomorrow? (I'm still trying to figure out how to post w/ user name)

  3. When and where is the Sunday meet-up?

  4. Sorry to any of those that showed on Sunday ready to ride. I got derailed by late night/early morning alarm my game. Xben: Sunday meeting is 7:30 at the Bagel Shop. Fingers crossed for Tuesday.