Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Podiums and Finishes

Wow, it appears it was a big weekend for FT3 worthy of the motto:

B and NoCar are still alive after the backwoods adventure put on by Global Biorhythm Events. No word on the event just yet other than survival. Although there are reports of distant banjo music to keep the riders at full throttle.

Xterric stood on the second step of the podium at the Tahoe Xterra. He was able to hold off the charging field as he battled through some leg cramps in the run. I may have to check out this Xterra thing sometime.

Cap'n and the Lieutenant completed the MS150 raising over $1000 for MS research and care (spot on). The Lieutenant completed her first century in style battling close to 70+ miles in a head to cross wind. (Apologies on the handle, seemed the appropriate name to go along with Cap'n)

Green Fro and NoHandle put in a long Sunday ride to lay the ground work for a rippin' cross season.

I did some heavy lifting to work on the beach muscles. We were able to get keys on Friday rather than Sunday and got a fair bit moved! Big thanks to NoHandle for helping out tons on Sunday to get the last of the really heavy stuff!!!! No worries for those of you willing to help on this coming Sunday there will still be plenty to move!?!?!?!

As for tonight's ride...boy do I need to get out on a bike. I would say at this point I am a 60% in and just need to see how the day plays out. That being said, if I ride I will be rolling to the Knot Lot from the new house just to check out the route. I am 100% in for Tacos!

A few weeks back I wrote about seeking a middle. I apologize for not recognizing it at the time. I am no longer seeking the middle, I am now just curious how to share the middle the FT3 has found with everyone else!


Until we ride,


  1. I believe what Cap'n means is 1.6!

  2. I stand corrected, thanks Mr. Administrator.

    I am registered for the Folsom Cyclebration MTB Race, Sunday September 12th. Ya'll should consider it. Especially those of you prepping for cross season, and especially those of you who have recent podium finishes at Xterra events.

    It might be pretty fun with the new prison section and 'technical' expert split.

  3. With the recent riot at Folsom Prison, it could even be more interesting than the GBR Backwoods Event!

  4. 2.6. Congrats to all who placed/participated over the weekend. Cya at Mosquito. I am driving and can take 2 others.

  5. Wine? Where were the PBR's??? I guess FT3 will take what it can get.

    Leave it to B to count switchbacks.

    Chming in for others; No-Car is in Mammoth, NoHandle is in Santa Barbara, or some other Santa place in CA... they are out.

  6. Indeed, I am out this week. Nice work to everyone all around. I saw a number of pics of the backwoods GBR event and B and WifeCar did rep well. Even some other unknown persone sent along a picture that included B.
    I can attest to the upcoming moving day, there will be plenty of stuff to move. Cudos to Lars and his clan on a major upgrade to a really nice home and location - ask him about his fist dump there.
    Let me just say that NEXT week, not this one, we complete the Griminger Loop (AKA Jerry's Knob loop). I'm sure that other guy that sent out the map and is in Mammoth will appreciate it, as will I.
    And, lastly for the record, Green Fro and I did not do a big ride unless you count 2.25 hrs big, I'm not that soft yet but was way off the back of the fro man.

  7. Out. Recovering from illness yesterday & playing catch up.

    Maybe that one beer last week pushed me over the edge. :-)

    BTW - Our team cleaned up at Winters: 1st, 3rd, 4th, 6th, 11th, 15th & 16th, yes our team was 1/6th of the field. I was 11th - got boxed in trying to play last lead out man; the group was crawling to the finish with centerline rule in force - no where to go. Trying to pull off a full lead out train in these races is futile.

  8. 4.5 Will ride up from Mosquito area leaving approximately 7:30pm. I probably won't venture out on Park Creek alone. Could someone give me a ride back down the hill?

  9. Assuming these are final numbers at 2:30, it sounds like 3 leaving from Mosquito, with 1.6 riding to Knot, and and 4.6 coming home. I can drive and take 4.6 in my truck. Presently there are three racks on top, plus the bed. It will be tight, but only to Bourbon Street.

    Griminger next week... on cross bikes?

  10. "I probably won't venture out on Park Creek alone."

    That's a good safe choice, safety first.

  11. As a former applicant to FT3, and during a qualifying event, I lost my way along Park Creek. I dropped some unnamed road to the lake and was certain of an ugly demise. Thankfully, the leave no one behind motto kicked in and NoHandle swung back for me. Safety tip #103, always ride with a buddy.

  12. B, thanks for the post about Fignon's death.

  13. Thanks for the updates, see you tonight during taco time.