Monday, January 31, 2011

Was that Winter yesterday? Should be good tomorrow

Well, like any smart guy who has a choice on how to spend their weekend, I chose to use the sunny and warm Saturday to do yard work and hang out with the family. Then I got up early Sun. morning and road in the rain for 3 hrs. Green Fro met me exactly 15 minutes late (he was actually 1 min. earlier than me - perfectly timed) yesterday. We managed to get ready in the parking lot during a lull in the weather. Of course, we then proceeded to get poured on for the following 3 hrs only to be met w/sun and clear skies as we got back to our cars. We both noted that before the ride we saw a gap in the dopplar, boy were we fooled. It was a very cold and wet HTFU Sunday ride.

As for Tuesday night this week I think we should be treated with cool temps and clear skies. Our local weather expert up in Pollywold has this promising info to report: "Probably two inches at lake level, and the well covered trails should be in ok shape." I read into that "perfect conditions" for Feb.

Let's not forget that Tuesday, Feb 1st is SSFT3 and now that cross season is over I would hint that the frestyle SSFT3 take on a more pure SS flavor, you know, "less gears, more beers". Especially given the conditions up the hill.

Well gents, this is your call out.



  1. Thank you THTH for that interesting story about the Sunday Riding conditions, now lets go out in the field for a report from our man on the trails Larz. Larz hows it going out there?

    Well, we have got a bit of a mess out here. As you can see behind me, authorities are still scrambling to take care of this wintery mix that came blowing through on Sunday. I think the good folks of Pollywood received a little bit more snow than anyone was expecting. With bookend nice warm weather, it shouldn't be that big of a deal. We will have some good winter conditions out there with patches of clear trail intermixed with some crusty snow patches, some drifts and probably some mud. Nothing an experienced, hard-as-nails Mt. Biker can't handle. But I am compelled to warn against trail use for any Peter, Paul, or Mary's out there, this just isn't your night! Reporting live from Pollywood, this is Larz for FT3 News!

    On a personal note, its still b-ball season, so I will make it to the Knot via some means, but am out for the ride.

  2. Merry Mary, quite contrary, how does the Rock Garden flow?
    With sticks and stones, broken bones, and just a hint of snow.

    Mirror mirror on the wall, who rides better than perfect Paul?
    Nay Rock, Ghost, nor even B, Paul is king of FT3

    Peter Peter taco eater, why do you whine so much?
    With perfect temps, fatty meat, cold beers and such.

    Out for ride. Looking for a taco showing if all goes well.


  3. Let's go to sports with Cappy - Cappy - "What is happening in the Mountain Bike World?"

    Well Larz, it appears that our local newspaper, while not typically our source for mountain bike news, has, in a dramatic turn - decided to report on...well, mountain biking. Yes indeed my friends, Mt. has run a story about a young local mountain biker who unseated the National XTerra Champion. Here's a link to the story

    Bayond that I would like to report that Bambi and Cappy were out for a most enjoyable road ride yesterday (at lunch, in the sun) during which time they discussed the potential for racing the Cool Mountain Bike Race on Single Speeds. The date for that local event is Sunday March 13th. Seems appropriate enough to throw such a call out - out on SSFT3 - don't you think Larz?

    On a more somber note, I would like to add that the article in the Sac Bee about the Nevada City Veteran Cyclist who was killed while cycling is most tragic. Indeed the FT3 brothren need to constantly watch their backs - lest they be run down by an innatentive motorist.

    Now back to you, I am in for this evening's outing and looking forward to more reporting as the day goes on...


  4. Nice reporting Cappy, Lars and even trickier rhyming C-man. It must tricky to rock a rhyme so on time.
    We are at SS=3, gears=0, tacos only = 1+ish

  5. In health news, Dr. James Gedding informed one FT3 rider this morning that falling on a healing clavicle fracture can break the titanium plate and rip out the screws, which would pulverize the bone.

  6. Out.

    Work and Home projects piling up, out of town on business next week, out of country later this month.

    I'll stay connected and entertained via blog.