Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Is that a banana in your spandex?

The most junior FT3 riders heeded the callout last night. Besides myself and Xteric, Safety First joined us in the Mosquito Lot. He noticed that none of the "fast guys" were riding and decided it would be a good night. He was right.
A prompt departure gave us plenty of riding without our lights. We dropped to the lake, turned right and hadn't gotten far before it became clear that downed trees would be a theme for the evening. No sweat for the 29er, of course, just roll over 'em.
Down the switchback trail, then up, uh, something else. After climbing Rufus's rage, whimsical ride leader Xteric found a newly built downhill run. Climbing it and checking out the sweet double jumps and banked turns left no choice but to drop back down what was dubbed Chiquita banana. Across MET to counter clockwise Fleming. Dry, tacky and fast, minimal downed trees, it was a little bit of mountain biking nirvana. We plunged Palin and had to whack through a thick mat of bush. And Palin was wet, gushing.
Down below the dams we headed for B's chin buster and then the roadside trails back to the knot. A familiar crew of spotters were waiting at the bar.
B arrived shortly after we did and he soaked up about a pint of rye while we dug into tacos. Some classic FT3.


  1. Wow, sounds like a good ride and bonus points for keeping the streak going. Thought I would chime in, such that we don't have a first ever RR with no comments. What did B say last week, vacuous HCF today?

    Anyhow, great post Nocar. Hope your maiden FT3 voyage on the new 9er went well. I would love to comment further on specific aspects of your route choice, but I fear I might Plunge the family friendly nature of this blog. Enticingly well written.

    Hope u recover soon B. Lots of new pow waiting for u up the hill.

  2. Nice work NoCar (and X and Safety). Ironic that after so many Tuesday's of crappy weather and/or snowed out trails an opening of the dirt is met w/little attendance. What is the current weather doing to the trails now?
    Is next tuesday opening up or closing down.