Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Hi is Edgar Allan Poe There

Apparently, if you are calling your connect to get an EPO hookup, this is the guy you ask for. I have this information on reliable basis but I can't quote the source.
Last I called however, he was not home.

If any of you are up to date on the latest Tyler Hamilton 60 Minutes article, you saw his claim that E.A.Poe was Mr. Armstrong's secrete name for asking about EPO. I am saddened yet not surprised at al the accusations about doping. My own personal belief is that way too many professional athelets (in cycling or otherwise) do too much performance enhancing drugs. It is a shame and something that needs to be cleaned up. That is all.

On a more pressing topic, I can’t help but notice the beautiful weather and thus quiet nature of the BLOG today. It would almost seem as if it was Wednesday and it was only a RR that was missing, not a call out. So, while I’m not calling nor am I asking you if Edgar is there, I’m calling you out for tonight’s horrible conditions.



  1. Two.

    Fortunately, the noble riders of FT3 only indulge in performance decreasing substances. Chris Horner chalked up his Tour of California win to finally taking his diet seriously. He'd be ordering an 0-0-0 at the knot.

  2. Three.

    I have nothing useful to add other then that.

  3. One has to wonder, after all those years on a saddle, will these "dirty" pros end up using other types of "performance enhancing" drugs in retirement? Just pondering..

    Indeed I am healing and itching to ride. No clearance as yet from doc, but soon. Thanks to all for both front and back-channel check-ins.

    If all goes well, and I can stay awake, I'll head up for tacos. And I WILL sauce my tacos, unlike some renegade members...

  4. While the rest of you were pondering whether or not there was going to be a blog post for tonight's ride, I was supporting cycling on another front by leading El Dorado County's Great Bike Ride in honor of May is Bike Month. Little do they know that the greatest bike ride in El Dorado County is set to occur later today and well into the evening! Trev from the spoke made a showing and actually rode on a road bike, although sans spandex. Spot on mate. Maybe there is hope for him showing at an FT3 ride someday.

    While I typically strive to only ride on days with the worst conditions, today is an exception. I'm in.


  5. If Scott Pelley with 60 minutes is reporting that George Hincapie had supplied Armstrong with EPO, then 60 minutes loses tons of credibility in my book...

    I'm a maybe at this point.

  6. Rolling up on the crosser. see you guys at the Lot.

  7. Will C'Man show up? Will he bring a truing stand? Does the peloton subscribe to little blue pills in retirement. Inquiring minds want to know