Tuesday, August 16, 2011

13 And a Half Weeks

Considering my recent attendance record and the latest by-law proposal, I've decided to come off the bench tonight and rejoin the fray.
Nothing exciting to report or call out. But there will be hills and dust.

Hope to see you out there tonight.



  1. Three

    I will be leaving the front wheel at home and rocking the loop unicycle style in honor of the video offering!

  2. Wifey birfday, so I's out. Nice, succinct call out and saweet viddy. Enjoy and I will see some of you this weekend and beyond.

    Long live long rides!

  3. Fore!

    Anyone who fails to make tonight's taco session, but is interested in the latest three day adventure being planned by FT3 Long Ride Productions, including a single day loop of epic alpine biking on saturday, should clear their weekend calendar and inquire via back channel for more details.

  4. BTW:

    The Wheel v. Pod event is a go as far as I am concerned. 30-40 Miles would be a win for the runners, no problem.

  5. The runners may (probably not) win, but then while they are sprawled in the first aid tent getting IVs inserted the bikers will be merrily drinking ales at the Strawberry Lodge.

  6. How appropriate that our man Danny MadSkillz is riding a super sweet bicycle atop decrepit trains in that vid. Ironically, this vid pops on our blog while the EDC Board of Sups consider an important action relation to the rail - trail. Hmmm.

    I am obviously out tonight and am glad to see you 'gentlemen' are having fun on the blog with my hiatus.

  7. Five 0!

    Late post as I closed a funding deal for a big project at work and cleaned up the appearance a bit with a visit to the local coiffeur.

    I'll try to close the gap and finish the entire 'man ride' this week.

  8. Xteric via back channel, "in as long as he doesn't have to do any 'man riding'".