Monday, August 1, 2011

Fully KWalified Call Out

While the SB-KW loop is no longer a novel ride for FT3, it was new to this politician. Having achieved a lauded status, what with it's near 40 miles and 6000 ft. of elevation, the loop was calling out to me. When the stars aligned, and I was free of work, domestic or otherwise, I answered the call.

With threats of thunderstorms in the forecast, B, Drop, and I all met at the Strawberry lodge early Friday morning. After a brief backtrack to Track 42, we found a parking area and geared up for the all day event. Once properly attired, and hydrated, we set out to reverse B's last course. Theoretically, we would knock down about 2/3 of the work before lunch, and then enjoy a huge late afternoon descent to the car.

In lieu of giving a more redundant report, please refer to B's post last week, entitled "Open Season". Simply reverse the course, and you know how we proceeded. B will no doubt post a dizzying array of quality photographs.

Highlights included blooming flowers and abundant water in the meadows. We only sustained one mechanical, but a significant one at that. En route to the Inn, Drop broke a seatpost bolt. Without a saddle, and as any FT3 member would do, she HTFU'd and shouldered/rode her bike for at least 1000 vertical and then down to Hwy 88. From there, she hitched a ride to the KW bike shop, and a friendly mechanic loaned her a seat/post. We regrouped at the Inn for a much deserved respite, and then just about a quarter after 4, we headed back to SB.

8 hours to get to our lunch, and 2 hours to get back to Booker and our waiting cars. A final stop at Strawberry Lodge to parch our thirst, and I was officially KWalified. Or at least we discussed the notion of a new qualifier for FT3 members. As B has insisted, everyone should see that area at least once by bike. It just doesn't get much better. It has "just the right amount of climbing".

Thanks to my hosts, B (and might I suggest a new handle for her, No Saddle?) for an epic day in/out of the saddle. Look forward to knocking down an XP adventure soon.

Oh, and it's SSFT3. Ride gears or no gears, but DO ride. I'll be at the 'squito lot at 5:45.



  1. I am out tonight. National Nite Out to be exact. That means you won't see T1 either as he too will be earning his civic/community stripes.

    This Sunday I have options. Road race, MTB race or get KWalified. I have not KWalified yet and will need a tour guide. Is one available? Is there any other interest in a Sunday epic? If there are other takers I can put racing on the back burner. Let me know, I need to shore this up asap though so I can register if I am not doing an epic.

  2. I like the new page header. Where the hell is everyone.

    It looks like C-man was enjoying his seat in the slideshow. And damn, titanium looks good at high elevation.

  3. Outstanding pics and ride report.

    Once again, in spite of mechanicals, FT3 never KWits.

  4. And I am in for tonight (2).
    Can't say if I will make it to the, now monthly, Cappy's memorial ride on Sunday.

  5. Too true, nocar. I've yet to spy your errant pad, but will shake the blanket out before I load up tonight.

    This just in via backchannel, Bambi will join tonight!

    Given we have only 1 confirmed rider, me, no telling what the count is...