Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Recovery Tuesday

"I am still working on walking, but I can ride." says Bambi after his powerful debut into the El Dorado jogging scene.
Plenty of long distance exercise went down this weekend. Tonight may be a good time to celebrate the short ride. Something in the piddly, twenty mile range, with no hiking.
Bambi: One
Nocar: Two


  1. Short ride sounds great! On Sunday I rode up Mt. Tamalpais and it was a nice foggy ride. Thanks for sharing that link B: it's something I would probably never do but looks adventurous! Please let me know if I need to travel by car to Mosquito Lot.

  2. Your councilman is in, by way of Tahoe. I can bring at least one back to p'ville.


  3. Hi B, my car can take two 29ers: one in the truck with both wheels and seat post off, and one in the back seat with both wheels off.

  4. Thanks B, then by bike I shall come. Is there word of an adventure ride this weekend?

  5. Apparently I was too optimistic this morning when I assumed I would quickly defeat the intruder that was trying to colonize my gut. But, after spending the day alternately napping and rushing for the bathroom, its clear I will not be able to ride this evening. So, sadly, I'm out.