Wednesday, May 2, 2012

The Longest Taco

After making painfully last minute adjustments to the shuttle meeting time and location, B, RG and I rolled past the Mosquito Lot to receive our ride blessing from Safety and were enroute at 5:45.
Rock was clearly nervous to be back amongst his mtn biking brethren; fussing with his gear and making excuses before we even got under way.
After a quick climb up the Qualifier, he found his legs and disappeared down the Wedding March. B and I, having flashbacks of other outings when RG raced off the front 
were startled to come around a fast corner and find RG on the side of the trail in a fit of annoyance. He thought he had flatted and was inspecting his bike.

That's right the Linskey FAILED.

We strapped the frame snugly enough that he could soft pedal, and RG made a solo breakaway for the Knott Hole. B and I made no effort to contest his Long Taco ambitions and rode circuits on the Rock Garden.

Not wanting to abandon our shuttle driver, we soon returned to the Knott and settled in for our own long taco session.

I thought for a moment that the sauce was causing me to hallucinate, an apparition appeared in the doorway. I squinted, not believing my eyes, but it was true. Ghostrider. With Ghost at the taco table the conversation swayed from inexpensive entertainment enjoyed by sailors at liberty to expensive bike parts enjoyed by roadies with sponsors.

And then Cappy and Xteric showed up, and the tacos continued...

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  1. Thanks for the awesome post ride write up Nocar! It looks like after all you were riding around picnic tables (or the equivalent). Had I have known that I would have joined you and enjoyed the circles of fun! I'm sorry to hear about RockGod's Lynskey Epic FAIL. That is horrible that the little clover was defeated by the Rock Garden and RG. Hopefully RG's frame is under warranty or Lynskey will stand behind their product.