Friday, November 2, 2012

Chicken Bake Report and CX Callout

While I wasn't present last Tuesday to partake in the FT3 equivalent of the 'fruit of the earth' or 'the mother of all delicacies', the coveted Chicken Bake was alive and well - and thanks to modern technology, I was well aware of it.  I think a ride went off as well, but since I wasn't present I will refrain from reporting on that.

photo of Halloween chickenbake

I will however, provide the Callout for this weekend's Sacramento CX double header to be held in Folsom.
Saturday's race is at Lembi Park, and Sunday's race will be at the Rodeo grounds. Kids race is at Noon, A's race is at 12:45 and the B's race at 1:00pm. I am doing my best to work it so I can be present on both days, with Saturday presenting some challenges that may be surmountable. Definitely going Sunday and I hope others will join me. The Rodeo Ground course was my favorite from last year, and those of you who have done Rodeo Cross will recall that it is a blast.

WHooooooooos in?




  1. Thanks for the CX call out Cappy. I'm out this weekend. Photos have been added to the bottom of your post.

  2. Oh is the cross race this weekend?
    I was planning on attending Peter's Halloween candy exchange.

  3. The chickenbake was so rich and delicious on Tues, that several tacos were left in the platters at the end of meal time. Mother Rye made the unprecedented order to "stick 'em in your pocket". Which I did. And they were excellent on wednesday.

  4. And, due credit should be given to RideLeader NoHandle for guiding us on an excellent route.

  5. Belated Mini RR:

    We gathered on time, fussed with lights, and again failed to nominate a RL. THTH launched out of the parking lot, and in concert with UL, devised a stunning selection of trails for the All Hallows Eve Ride. We were 8, including yours truly, nocar, X, UL, NH, B, Safety, and RG. Well, 9 really, if you include the phantom rider known as Cap'n....

    We headed toward the Qualifier, then back towards and up the powerline to PC, then up some new trail to a power station, before bombing back to PC. The conditions were, well, if you weren't there, it's hard to describe. Let's just say...they were shite and you really didn't miss much :)

    From PC it was a fast descent of the Block, then a long, slow, but steady climb back out to PC. We then mixed in more of the qualifier, past Bobby's camp site, some performance bike art in the form of a 3 man pile up, then made our way back to powerline and a ripping drop toward the lake. There were detours, but we eventually hit the lower March and then a CCW loop of the lake. I'm sure I missed something, but I was in a state of bli(SS), and couldn't have cared less.

    The Knott was relatively quiet for an early Tuesday night, and we were presented with the Pumpkin bake illustrated above. Said bake was as good as any I've had, and, smotherered in layers with hot sauce on our tacos, it proved true gourmet fare.

    Cheers to Mother and friends for making this a spookalicious Tuesday event, even if we failed to come in drag (as promised). Until next week.

    Good luck to those weekend racers!!

  6. 2nd's on the route selection. We covered some rare territory and some classics. The conditions were off the hook, awesome, sick, buff, you name it...

    Still too chubby for CX racing. Good luck gents, fly the FT3 colors with pride.

  7. Good on all the ft3 riders for excellent ride reports. Do hope to get tuesdays off again so I can partake in the festivities! I do have a 24 race, as a soloist, to prep for. Rubberside down boys, and I'll be there soon!