Tuesday, October 29, 2013

FT3 first winter ride??

The rain gods have sent FT3 a blessing of precipitation. And although Peter might be a little upset about it, I'm sure there are a few FT3 riders feeling like children on Christmas morning. Time to bust out the fetish items such as tights and nickers, maybe a hat and a base layer, and kick up some not dust. Seeing as I haven't ridden in almost a month, all my cycling gear is clean and ready. Is yours? ONE


  1. My kits not clean, but I'm ready to shred.

  2. How often does work take B away from his bike, particularly on a Tues? Amazing. I wish it were a rare occurrence for me. Alas, I'm out. Back in SB.

  3. As I haven't seen my family for two days, I'll have to sit this one out. Sorry no Mojos this week . . .

  4. Family????

    We few, we happy few we band of brothers!

    How's that for family!

    1. I should have been more precise: haven't seen my wife and daughter in two days. My other family members were out getting some damp soil between their knobs while Katie, Bird, and I mopped up our old rental home in preparation for today's final walk-through.

  5. FOUR!

    Late HCF entry, workday hell.

  6. Noobie is picking me up and won't be stopping at mosg lot.