Monday, January 13, 2014

All In!... or were we?

I thought this might be a ride report title from last week - but alas no.

The ride started off with perfect Jan. temps and a full pack. I'm pretty sure we were 9. There were a ton of count-offs, I should have counted.  In the end......
Oh hell this is a call out, not a ride report. I guess you had to be there.  Chicken Wing was there for the tacos, now that is something. Here is to new rides and the C-Wing back on the bike!

As for me, I am out again.
For those true CX guys in the clan - you know who you are -  and those of you missing the winter, here is a little reminder of so many good things.

(full screen is better:

Its a long one, probably only Cappy will watch the whole thing. I did cappy.  At least watch the first 3 mins and last 2 or so.  I might consider moving to that foreign land those lasses were riding in.



  1. Thanks for the reminder of the good things No Handle. Great call out with the nice video!

  2. I am out, though I plan on getting in some light mtn biking this afternoon.

    I'll see you next week.

  3. Finally got to watch the video. Maybe Taco Spawn would improve his sponsorship potential if he applied eye make-up before each race. It would definitely improve his podium appeal.

  4. 2!
    (and back-channel - but horse's mouth - rumor has it we might catch a lotb-odrl sighting, so, . . .3?)

  5. I'll hit Mosquito at 5:45 to pool our transportation in any way that make sense.

  6. Out. Recovering from bug caught last Wednesday. I have to be on my game to hang with the F2T3 crew.

  7. I will be keep the spirit alive by riding a stationary bike in a hotel exercise room wearing street shorts and shoes. It is 83 in Santa Barbara today. I need a bike down here.

  8. Currently, at this very moment, I am sitting in a medical room on the west side of Sacramento waiting to hear the results of an ultra sound we had a few minutes ago. Not sure if I will be there or not. Will depend on doctors and traffic.

  9. "Separation Anxiety" would have been another apt title for last week's ride.

    Now what do we name this week's bell-ringer of a ride? (Buttons, having taken a soil sample last eve, is likely experiencing significant soreness today. Any back-channel status updates would be nifty)

    1. Ok, I have it from a credible source that it looks like a bit of whiplash and disgruntled wife are the worst of Buttons' symptoms. Heal up, comrade.