Monday, September 8, 2014

Silver Lake LRP

The FT3 Hike A Bike Club carpool parked at the end of Dangburg Road in Kirkwood. After some spirited pedaling we quickly got down to business, dismounted, and pushed our rigs up the steep switchbacks onto Thunder Mountain Ridge.

Xteric surveyed the expansive landscape. This ride would take him deep into uncharted territory (since he totally stood us up last time we did the ride).

At one point I noticed a slow leak in my rear tube. Unfortunately, two weeks ago Newb used up all of our 9er tubes and Xteric and I only had 26 inch tubes and B only had a cross tube. The 26 inch tube worked fine.

When Horse Thief Spring was dry, we realized water might be a problem. Some moto guys filled up two of our bottles. But by the time we had ridden down Hungalelti (Squaw) Ridge to Long Valley, then back to Allen Camp, the talk was about how wonderful it would be to get to Plasse's.

Hungry and thirsty, we rolled up to the restaurant. I immediately started filling up water at the spigot. B went inside to check out the scene. He came back out, so excited his voice squeaked. I followed him in and saw a buffet table heaped with steaming dishes. Just as I started choking on my drool, B broke the bad news. He was told it was a private party. And the store was closed. Back outside I started crying quietly in the corner. A moment later the owner came out and apologized. His maintenance staff hadn't told him that it was FT3 who wanted to join the party. Of course we could come in and help ourselves to as much food as we wanted. Which we did. For free. And it was amazing.

In the interest of making it to the River Shack party, we skipped some single track and beat it back to the truck.


  1. Nice write up NoCar! My sore legs tell me you left something out, but I can't recall what it could be. Maybe the views were so sweet that my body just couldn't handle it.

  2. Thanks for the write up NoCar. I think that was a call out too. But hmm who is in.
    PS: what was this River Shack party all about

    1. You know its a good party when its description gets administrated.

  3. Great write up Nocar! Thanks for the photos and the great description of the events that unfolded over the weekend. I'm out tonight but there's a slight possibility that I might make an appearance next week. My 29er has been gathering dust, the tire sealant is dried up, and the rear wheel brake is locked onto the disc. I probably won't be able to re-qualify. Long live FT3!!

  4. Five and I miss Safety 1st.

  5. Hike a bike club? Nice. Free food? Nice. Xteric on the blog two times in one week? Nice. Safety chiming in about qualifying with a locked up rear brake? Nice.

    I am going to Rodeo Cross tomorrow if anyone wants to tag along, departure time approximately 5:30pm.

  6. In case anyone is wondering. Polly at least where we ride is smoke but not dust free