Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Wedding March Revisited

Last week I arrived at the Knot Lot to find Green Fro there early and ready to roll.  He was strapping a rake to his bike.  It turns out that GF had 3 such rakes with him for the intended purpose of grooming the wedding march back into her old time glory.

On the heels of the TS100, Mr. Fro was thinking that some of the riders would be sore and tired and appreciate a more mellow ride.  I don't know how they actually felt about the shorter rider or tired legs, but I loved the effort and idea so I quickly strapped a rake onto my ride and we headed up the hill.  Our group made quick work of the trail and had the last upper section nearly down to dirt in short order.

I can say that Wedding march is really back to her old glory again or as close as anyone can recall in recent memory.  After the trail work, which ended just about the time we needed to turn lights on, we stashed the rakes up Park Creek road near the gate and headed back down to the top of Wedding March.  This was the first top to bottom wedding march for me in what seems like 3 years.  Thanks GreenFro for the great idea and execution.

While it feels like a Monday, it is definitely Tues.  I'm riding.


  1. Quality multimedia presentation there NH.

    I am OUT again tonight. Working late then a dawn to dusk field day tomorrow.

    This weekend, however, I have been cleared for long riding. B and I have been kicking around the idea of riding the Proper Kwalifier.

  2. Nice write up no handle. I will be in tonight, maybe pre riding if possible. One!

  3. Awesome idea and effort! Vive le marche!! Sadly, I will not taste of the fruits of others labor, as my new job beckons me to a very different type of rehab. I will, as before, be out for the next 3 months. Ha, just in time for some wintry mix and the attendant spike in the rolls. Fare thee well, men
    of grand and generous spirit. I will join you anew at Christmas.

    P.S. I will look for alternate rides on Wednesdays (Folsom cx) or Thursdays (B's recon rides) to fill in the gap. Carry on!

    1. WTF - is this your ploy to re-qualify for like a 3rd time? I don't quite understand the reasoning behind your absence. Please indulge me.

    2. I will be co-facilitating a parent group on Tuesday nights for the next 12 weeks. Not my planning, but it pays and gives mech needed hours toward licensure. That satisfy your curiosity?

  4. I propose another round of trail building this evening.

  5. Great work on the trails! Unfortunately my 29er is out of commission now. I'd like to help you guys rebuild those trails but I'd have to try to requalify one of these days. Hopefully I'll have another opportunity to ride with FT3 again soon.

  6. Out tonight. Thanks for the props NH. It was actually me that needed the mellow ride but the 100 milers didn't seem to complain.

  7. I'm out until Feb'2016 as Peter sent a free 18 month club membership with my new AARP card.