Tuesday, March 3, 2015


Been all manner of quality bicycle riding lately.
Few remember the details of Fat Tuesday FT3. But, I have been scolded for encouraging such wanton recklessness, so, it must have been pretty good.

The following week saw a sharp uptick in difficulty. An attempt was made at one of Cappy's KOMs, Spawn ultimately concluded that his GPS didn't connect properly from the deep canyon, and therefore he couldn't overtake the record. Most importantly, no one present beat Spawn.

(NoHandle Edit: Didn't like the less than flattering image of my mug, so I swapped it out for the trail side extraction of B's wittle baby splinter)

The latest run at Happy Valley included a few new twists. First, a morning descent of Clear Creek Road that resulted in emergency hand warming as fingers went too numb to hold the handle bars. After taking the highest route over Baltic Peak, we turned right at Bonnetti and proceeded east to Camp Creek. We took a break and collected water

then added a healthy portion of disinfectant

then continued east past North South road onto 10N75. Here we encountered the hardest climbs of the day. The route was covered in snow and mud, steep and loose.

By the time we reached MET, Newb was already busted for being late, so we scrapped our plans to fully circumnavigate the Pollywood perimeter.

Big moon, clear skies, cool temps, freshly buffed trails....
Anyone riding tonight?


  1. OK, then I'll comment. Looks like the post has been up for a while and no takers.

  2. Hmmm its quarter of three and I'm still sitting at the Las Vegas airport waiting to return to SmF. Doesn't look promising.

    1. Google web page error + fastener humor - pretty good B.

    2. Buttons just have them drop you off and parachute down, I'm sure you'll make it in time.

  3. Looks like I'll be missing out on the fun tonight. Thanks for the ride report Nocar! Great call out!

  4. I just landed. Goona jam home and look for my lights and kit etc since I just moved and everything is in disorder

  5. I think I'm in too. DTI points are wafer thin, so it might be more last minute confirmation.