Tuesday, June 2, 2015

A Season of Change

As we wave goodbye to the Month of Bicycling (AKA May), we have several contenders for the most miles. It looks like RG, NoCar, Fro, and several others from the LRP crew are pushing for the top spot. Lest we forget our pow punishing personnel, B has once again set records (in a drought!) for most comp time days spent exploring the backcountry. And while many of us are ramping up for, dare I say it, wait for it, break out your sweatshirt.....

the TS100, there are some who have quietly disappeared into that good night. Our own LoTB will load up his car for the last time and make haste for some sunny valley somewhere in ID. Safety left us a while back, and still threatens to return from the great beyond. Ghostrider, who came, left, and came back, has yet to make an official showing, even for tacos. And what the hell happened to the Scouts? I thought for sure we'd find them one day. And then there's Cappy, who despite his proximity to the Mosquito lot, has made only rare appearances in the last year. He made the ultimate sacrifice, and one leagues beyond mere Tango lessons. At least when he returns, he will have redefined the DTI for years to come. And what about the author? Last time he was a contributing member, we had a different congress, Xterric had only 9 bicycles, and none of us owned a motorhome.

Seasons change, and so does the FT3 roster. If only we had a way to memorialize our fallen, our wayward, our gone but not forgotten...Oh snap, we do! On our Kits!! Speaking of which, payment is due. Unless you want to be struck by lightening, or turned into a pillar of salt, I suggest you proffer some cash to the God of Stone.

And with that I remind you today is the first day of, well, the rest of your life, but more importantly the first Tuesday of the month! So don your ballerina outfits and bring your single minded, single malted, single-ringed bike out for a spin. Oh, and there will be tacos...



  1. sorry I stepped on your call-out, PC! We must have been a millisecond apart.

  2. Apparently B will be pedaling up shortly.

  3. I stand corrected: Back channel communique puts Lars IN at 6!!!! He will be rolling his fixie with no lights, but what the hell, he's our DRL!!! He can do what he fricken wants!

  4. Out. Early travel to Oregon tomorrow. May attempt a road ride to one of the lots as a send off. Kit payments have been streaming in, the outliers know who you are.