Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Stealing Away on the Dirt Donkey

It's crazy but it seems like it has been years since I have participated in an FT3. I have grown weary of the road.

Jack Asses like this abound, and each one of them think nothing of you and your life because you are "stoopid" enough to attempt to share the road with them and their large trucks.  Do you work for PG&E? Damn you are stupid.

As such, I have been longing for some time on the dirt donkey.

Please join me in welcoming myself back into the fray of FT3 after a lengthy hiatus. Will there be new riders, old Newbs, or rarely seen C men? Will the count stand at 12, or consist of a pithy core of 5?

Here is a picture of Thomas Frischknecht with 90's fitness (and then some).

Here is a picture of my former SoBe Headshok teammate Shonny Vanlandingham. 

She went on to become the 2010 XTerra World Champion and, according to Triathlon magazine, has won more races than anyone in NORBA history. 

I am ready to ride. Are you?


Ride Ready

The recent warm days compel one thing: get up to the mountains, it's long ride season. Riders have been reporting lots of extra-Tuesday activities in preparation. So much riding has been happening that Pollywood's boundary had to be extended out to North South road.

Ride temps in the 70s. Except for during the thunderstorm.

Important LRP business has been slated for the Taco Table. Bring your calendar.


  1. Damn you Cappy sneaking a post out from under me again. But, it is certainly exciting to hear that you are IN. A good FT3 will get rid of that lingering road rage.

  2. Glad you got your post down just in time for major confusion NoCar.

  3. I'm out one more time. Gotta travel with the family early tomorrow.

  4. @3feet2Pass Yea Cappy follow it.

  5. Three! It's so hot out, I just might have to ride naked. Excited to meet the legendary Cappy. RG if you're around I've got your cash for that one thing.

  6. THREE! Looking forward to some Pivot time and getting back in the FT3 groove, lots of riding and work travel behind me.

    Kit payments are all but complete, only one partial payment outstanding, no worries. Final payment to Pactimo was made, June 11th ship date was target; so kits within two Tuesday's time.

    Also - price is coming down on the BMC, getting antsy for a new road rig. Let me know if anyone is interested.

  7. I am going to drive up right at 5:00pm for a short "warm up" ride. If anyone should like to join me meet at 5:02pm in the Golden Spoke parking lot.

  8. Playing on the Draft post by NoCar I would like to throw out a couple potential long ride dates:

    Sunday, June 28
    July 11-12 (Northlander MTB Fest is this weekend FYI) July 19

    Let's see if we can get something going for June 28th?

  9. Not to hijack the HCF, but I'm planning on hiking Shasta on June 27th. Any one interested?

  10. Sweet FT 3 stickery. Are we heading up the qualifier for cappy. Most likely will be pre riding from knot hole at 5 with no car. So now we are at 6. Whose bike is going to get stolen tonight?

    1. I vote 1) nobody's or 2) not mine. I'm riding Downieville this weekend and don't want to have to borrow a bike if I don't have to. Speaking of Downieville, got room for 1 more at our campsite at Sardine Lake if anybody's interested.

  11. 6? Ish? I'm in. RG I will try n remember a check

  12. I'l be there, put I'm pulling a pre-emptive P3 short ride option. I'm flat out tired and may end up taking a PC grade for the evening.

  13. Lucky 7. Driving straight up from work!