Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Ride Report

Seeing how some of the comments, pictures, and ride conversation were in the "tasteless" category yesterday, I will attempt to recapture the good name of FT3 with a glorious ride report:

Ghost, B, Bambi, Rock God, VD, Xteric, and I all arrived at the designated parking area last night ready to tackle a ride dedicated to "super nurse" Cap'n and "family guy" NoHandle. A variety of summer woes and wants left those two stalwarts out of the line up. On a similar note, I will also acknowledge the absence of Councilman, who like any good politician, was tirelessly working on our behalf keeping our money safe from sucky hackers (see last weeks post). To continue down this side bar for a moment, in yesterday's mail I did receive a letter from Nashbar say that I, "might be vulnerable"...thanks for that one, a little late aren't we boys? They also offered a whole 30% off my next purchase...So let me get this straight, after giving you my banking info you let some scumbag get a hold of it and rack up some charges and made me do all the long houred phone calls to the bank, and now what do you want me to do...right, give you my credit card info again...yeah, I don't think so! But I digress. Seeing how the ride was to be ridden on behalf of some missing members, we started off hitting NoHandle's super secret trail and dropping the hiccup onto Sly Park Rd. We crossed the road, and then dropped the yet to be named rock slide down to the lower bridge, climbed back up to Mormon Immigrant and headed for Flemming. Did a half loop of Flemming and climbed Red Neck Rising to drop the left lip. I was chasing Xteric on the way down and was impressed by his skill in hitting some little off trail options I had never seen. We headed around the lake, took a quick, B inspired, detour to nowhere and then popped out at Hazel Creek campground. We were heading out for B is for Barf on the lake loop and at this moment Ghost and B absolutely dropped the hammer and left us all in a mad chase. 8hrs of Kirkwood? I think you guys are in the money if you do it! At B is for Barf, Rock God pulled the "no need to Barf" card and heading for the Hole, while the rest of us started the climb. One word, LEGIT! A few made it to the crux atop the climb, but no souls cleaned B is for Barf. We headed down the qualifier and completed the ride with a quick swim in the lake. Pulling into the Hole we were pleased to see less of a crowd this week, cold PBR's and tasty tacos!

Taco Report:
It was a pretty uneventful taco session. Ian's brother (Taco Handle: Stetson) and girlfriend showed up and she tasted some Bomb right off the stir stick, Spot On! VD complained about the heat of the hot beer. Rock God pondered an Its It and then made a move on Ben and Jerry's Half Baked Bar, good choice. Ian swore at his brother and Ghost texted Cap'n. Pretty standard I'd say. However, unbeknownst to us, something spectacular was happening at the end of the table. B, thinking he was immune to Da Bomb, had gone for the straight pour onto taco #2. I found it a bit odd when the reorder option came around that he only went for the additional beer. Stoic as B is, not a word was uttered until the bikes were in the truck and we were about to head out. At that point Ghost and I found B doubled over in Da Bomb pain behind the truck writhing in the GI track pain waging war on his innards. He declared the need for a milk based product and wandered off back to the Knot Hole. We later caught up to B, speed drinking chocolate milk, and being tended to by both proprietors of the Hole! The milk did the trick and B will fight again.

Upcoming rides:
OG, Camp Crasher, Expat, Utah Rambler, what ever we want to call him, but non the less a founding member or FT3, will be in town for next weeks ride. Taco Mama announced last night that he would be showing us some new trails, highly unlikely, but the challenge is on...Seeing how one must earn a nickname either by action or in some cases inaction, I will just use the given name and drop the challenge...So Chris here it us something we don't already know!

Worth Note:
The rumors around the lake and trails are apparently true, a local rider without a helmet on, took a spill and landed on his head and has died from the result of the injuries. Keep those helmets on and encourage others, especially the younger folks, to do the same!

Some of you may be aware of the bike blog of fat cyclist: . Fat Cyclist's wife is fighting and appears to be losing her fight against cancer. I caught on to Fat Cyclist's blog via Puddin Rider when Spencer was going through the bulk of his treatment. Fat Cyclist is keeping sanity by getting out on rides when possible, a few days back he posted the video below. There isn't much there, aside from and awesome downhill, but as we have stated before, we are doing a lot more than riding bikes. I can't imagine what it would be like to go through something like that, but pedal therapy is pretty important and a good reason to keep on riding.

Six Minutes of Joy from Fat Cyclist on Vimeo.

Until we ride again,


  1. Yes its true I will be making my way to the land of the setting Pollock Pines for a much anticipated Taco Tuesday ride . New trails is the challenge and I'm up for it my friends.
    Speaking of new trails that fat cyclist video is just a taste of what is available within a half hour of my house. Single track a plenty!
    I have a race over Labor day weekend (park city point to point) that is 75 miles in length 90% single track with just a tad over 14,000 ft. of climbing. You have a place to bed down if any takers.
    C U in a couple days. Oh and wish me luck on the last race of the season where I have clenched the series point lead for single speed. Not because I'm that good mind you, but mostly because I show up.

  2. Nice wrtie up lars, thanks for the dedication. I am beginning to see the light. I'm still out next week but I am planning on the following week. Sorry to miss Chris!

  3. I thought I would set it straight, as I just came upon this blog, the guy did NOT die as was posted, he is alive and well and back at work.
    Please find out the facts before posting.