Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Hackers Suck

So not much of a post today because I am still in the clean up process from the hacking incident at Bike Nashbar. I did contact the kind folks at Nashbar who played a "weak sauce" card as far as I am concerned. They said it wasn't their fault and I would receive a letter in the mail if I was one of the many thousands who's personal and bank info were in jeopardy. Seeing how I have closed accounts and ordered new cards, I would say I was in jeopardy, but still have yet to receive a letter from Nashbar...whatever.

Here is the skinny: If you made a telephone or Internet purchase from Bike Nashbar during 07 or 08 you need to go back to Jan 09 of your bank statements and use a fine tooth comb on those suckers. I purchased a stem in Aug of 2007 and that was all it took.

What to look for: It seems there are three or four companies that are breaking the law and charging without permission on this one.

Reb Mill
Profit GGP
Network Agenda

The charges are small in nature...$2 - $40.00. But after a few months they could start to add up.

The ride last night was a nice distraction for me. The recon led to some ok new stuff but nothing to write home about. Ghostrider is showing some good late season form and will storm Boise for the Twilight Crit. I topped the uphill crash with the no speed crash and then ran into a stick and impaled my don't get the name LOtB for nothing.

The Knot Hole got some quality new sauces in. Matilda and I enjoyed our night together, but she sure was unkind to me this morning.

Back to banking.

Until we ride again (Sunday?)

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  1. Thanks for 411, LotB. Not much activity on the blog, so I'll comment and say Tuesday was a good recon mission. The "compound" or "bible camp" was a bit sketchy, but the climb out was good. Post ride swim and tacos were solid. I will try to get back out to Barnesback and trim some of the branches this weekend. Thanks again for the eggs. Melissa ate most of them in the last few days. Never get between a prego spouse and her food...