Monday, November 16, 2009

The Recovery Ride

When you know there is no way you can top the last ride, the job changes a bit. The call out is not to man up and throw down on this next epic this call out is to see who still alive and kicking and who still has a bike under them. After dramatically falling off the FT3 wagon I am not only itching to get back on it, I need it. Therefore, I will be dusting off the Mt. Bike and heading out for the first FT3 ride in awhile. Although I hate to admit I have been off the Tuesday night gig for so long, I am happy for the opportunity to find the group intact and ready to roll. So who else is ready to recover the normal FT3 routine and start punching the clock again?

I am going to keep the charity run call out up for a bit of time to try and rouse some participants:

For years April and I used to head down the hill on Thanksgiving morning to run in the Run to Feed the Hungry event. With a house full of kids and not enough time to even fill up the gas tank all the way, we are no longer heading down the hill anymore. Therefore, I am happy to announce, in full FT3 style, the first annual unauthorized Placerville Thanksgiving Run for Charity!

Who: Any FT3 family or interested party.
What: A half mile kids dash and a five mile run/walk/bike for fun and to build an appetite. We will be collecting a small donation for a local charity. There will be coffee, hot chocolate and donuts for all participants.
When: Thursday November 26th, 2009
Kids Race @ 8:00am
Main Event @ 8:30am
Where: All events will start and finish at the Missouri Flat Rd. parking lot of the El Dorado Trail. The parking lot is just south of WalMart on the east side of the road. This is a pretty small parking lot and fills quick, the business park just prior to the lot has lots of additional parking.
Why: Well, why not? There are lots of local deserving charities that could use a little holiday donation. Why do we need to drive an hour to run for a good cause.

Drop me an email if you think you might attend alone or with the family, please feel free to pass this info on to any one who might be interested.

Until we ride,


  1. I am out tonight, I have a work meeting.

  2. I will be staying in Folsom tonight but will most likely be down to do the Placerville Thanksgiving Run for Charity...enjoy the ride tonight.

  3. Also, just got word that Ghost will be pulling some crazy hours today/tonight for work and won't be able to make the ride..

  4. Three! I'm going SS 29er.

    Debbie and I are in for the Turkey Day fun run.

  5. Four! E-54 is in.

    I will be out of town on Turkey Day. I will be thinking of you as I ride my home away from home trails though.

  6. Out tonight. Back on Tuesday lockdown ;(

    We are in for the Turkey fun run/walk/bike/crawl...


  7. 5!, Yo, Bambi good to see your back. Weather looks to have changed in our favor but will still be dicy, maybe that is why the fall off tonight. I'll meet you all up at the Knott Lot.

  8. It is raining N and W of hear and I see clouds to the West, be prepared for anything, especially fun.