Tuesday, November 3, 2009

When the going gets tough, the tough go to Cincinnati

That's right folks, once again I am out! Got to hop on a plane tomorrow bound for the mid-west. Good fun at an Educational Conference in Ohio. From the stories shared about tech/software related conferences, I think there is an element of rowdy that educators need to tap into! These tend to be pretty boring drab affairs...maybe I will take some "yardi" advice and go big! I am presenting so I get to set the tone right? Either way you cut it, having to jump on a plane is going to limit my ability to ride tonight.

The storm window has been threatening to open up this year, but nothing is kicking in yet. Looks like things might change over the weekend. Until then trails are good and starting to get dusty again.

Kudos to Councilman for opening up the mancave last week. That event will need to be repeated.

There was a secret film for the last cross race that I found, enjoy.

Team BEER @ The Compound from Sporza Intern on Vimeo.

Until We Ride,
LOtB (zero)


  1. One!

    The new steed has arrived and will be the mount of choice. I'm now official for SSFT3. I am sporting a wimpy 32/20 gear ratio, so expect a delay on the flats.

  2. Will not be able to make it today. I have to meet with my realtor again. I have to hopefully finish everything this month to close on time.

    Enjoy the ride gents!

  3. I'm out, have a work meeting to attend. Going to knock down some rail trail on the MTB at lunch tho...

    What happened at the Councilman's man cave? How many attendees, were there any keg stands, bike grinding or other cool haps that need reporting?

  4. We had a quiet appearance from uber distance athlete Justin from Seattle and watched 'Pure Sweet Hell' cross video. Also, sampled a fine selection of Belgian brews. A good mid-week man cave meeting for sure.

  5. WTF, this is SSFT3. I canceled a work trip for this event (OK, Not!).
    I'm In. Meet you at the trail head parking lot.

  6. Indeed, it was a welcome break from the daily grind as well as the chaos of 2 children. Not sure how you manage 3, Lars. Sorry for the late shout out last week, will try to give more notice in future. Thanks to Ghost for the Brown Sugga and tasty olives and Rock for the entertainment. Sorry, Cap'n , I have no cool power tools or arc welders...

    On that note, since I'll be at home on Tuesdays for a bit, I will offer the man cave up for a monthly or bi-weekly council meeting. I can set a night, or it can be determined by consensus. If all can show, great, if only a few, it will still allow for some intellectual debate, sampling of various beverages, and general discussion of FT3 business. Looking at moving the tv out there to allow for HD viewing of cycling related material.

    If I can get the little ones down at a decent hour, I'll be up for tacos. Enjoy the nice weather.

  7. BTW, the Veteran's Day FT3 late night plans will be made tonight over Tacos. Glad to hear Councilman will be there for at least that part.

  8. Whoa B, strong words. But seeing how you were one of the only riders to show for the first winter ride of the season, seems your right to make such a post.

    The weak sauce effort e-mail is only salt in the wounds for me as I will be longing for singletrack and the SS Trek 830 by 6:30pm, while three(?) of you are downing your prerequisite SSFT3 beer.

    I will certainly keep the taco part in mind but no guarentees as I don't want to over commit and receive backlash.

    Who is going to handle the ride report...?

  9. I'm out. I'll be staying in Folsom tonight. I'm in for next week though...

  10. By the way, the ever increasing accountably of FT3 riders is strong these days, possibly even church like. The brothren are watching over each other like a group of pastors watch over their flock!

    Church of no excuses and no-holds-barred?