Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Seven Points of Light

Big night tonight, lots of talk on the FT3 front. Lots of big talk of camping and late night bike outings. The call out will be brief because the post ride write up might be long.

I hope to be in attendance tonight.

Swapped right now...anyone want a job as an assistant principal?

5:45 at Mosquito..exit 54



  1. I think that with the amount going we will only need two camp sites they are pretty big for tent camping. I suggest everyone get one in the pinecone camping area if possible. I am sleeping in my truck bed if I make it that far.

  2. I'll be heading up early and look to the pinecone area for a camp spot. I'll be pitching a tent to avoid the dew; it ain't bone dry summer any more.

  3. I am sulking as I read emails of camping, cycling, beer, and more cycling.