Tuesday, June 1, 2010

June SSFT3

Seeing how I am a tad late with today's call out, the count off has already begun via email. Feisty group today, looks like the brotherhood needs some miles in the legs. Nothing spectacular for today's roll other than summer is still trying to find its way to Northern Cal and it's a Single Speed rolling.

NoCar put on a proper birthday event for his wife last night. A solid BBQ, good refreshments, the rear tire skid pad for the kiddos, and a legit cross course for the big kids made for a memorable event. As for the 1st ever Cross TT or CTT for short, here is how it panned out:
Cap'n: 3:48
RG: 3:55 (Required hydration was not consumed = 10min penalty)
NoHandle: 4:09
Bambi (in flip flops): 4:09
NoCar: 4:10
Birthday Girl: 4:24
LOtB: 4:29 (Kilts are not desired riding equipment)
Cappy's Kin: 7:53 (posting the only solo effort by a youngster, solid work)

Mosquito 5:45...Exit 54?

Until we ride:


  1. With RG's premi-post last week and LOtB's unclear stmt of attendance I'm not sure what number to throw out?
    Two? Three?
    I'm in and will meet up at Pollywood!

  2. I woke up with a stiff, swollen knee. And i had to rip my pajamas off the scab. But its loosening up as the day wears on.

    The voodoo hasn't received any attention after last's week broken link, I hope to find one good gear to get through tonight.

    I think there are still a few cans left on the course (unless the kids got 'em) if anyone wants to swing by and improve their time.

  3. B should really go hit up the course. Is he back from doing something lame in Oregon or will we be without our resident one-speeder this evening?

    The keg stands would have made him proud.

    Trek 830 is as dialed as it can be, and ready to rock. Me... not so much, I'm in though.

    Cool Auburn Crit Photos on the Auburn Bike Works website, www.auburnbikeworks.com

    Chzech it.

  4. i chzeched out the photos. where were the ft3 kits?

  5. We should meet early at the Mosquito Lot and roll up to NoCar's so B can do his lap.

  6. Course is open and waiting for riders.
    Woe be to he that makes cappy late.