Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Dog Days

Still never understood that saying, what is a "dog day"? Well whatever they are, they are here. With the mercury pushing to record highs today, looks like a good day to go up country and ride some dusty dirt! Shoot, we may even pull RG away from Folsom. I mean, for real, what sounds better, a causal outing with some friends, followed by proper hydration and dinner, or an all out effort on an ugly section of abandoned road in 110 temps? I know where I would go...see you at the lot RG! As for the rest of us, there are just no questions for tonight, its time to ride. The trails and lake are calling. So get the dog out of the way, grab your bike and get out of lower elevation furnace.

Ride Report:
Yeah, we rode last week. It was good, and then we swam, felt nice to get the dust off, tacos were served. That about does it...been way too busy to remember anything else. Sorry NoHandle, indeed asleep at the wheel. But I am pulling in back from the brink and should be good to go.

Calling in all favors!
So the dream of an official FT3 club house has come true. The family and I are on the move to Pollywood. When the rest of you are passing the Camino exits I will already be asleep! Anyway, we would love some help getting all of our stuff up to the new abode. Sunday Sept 5th is going to be our big push day. Yes I know this is labor day weekend, but its is what we got. If you are around on the 5th and willing to put your truck in for one load, I would be extremely grateful. The plan as of now is to get done what we can leading up to the 5th and then gather as many trucks as possible during the later morning for everyone to take a load and then call it good. More info to follow.

Mosquito @ 5:45...Exit 54?

Until We Ride:


  1. On call and I probably can't escape the bounds of the leash tonight.

  2. THREE

    Pollywood got rain on saturday, maybe some of the lesser used trails will have a slight dust reduction.
    But even better, its a full moon tonight. I may not even need my new 700 lumens.

  3. Four! I may be a committed roadie, but I ain't stupid. Looking forward to dust, swim and tacos.

  4. I plead the 5th! I am so hungry for tacos, I may need a pre-ride 4/2. Those in attendance tonight will get a more thorough report on FL2FT3, but here's a lyrical snippet:

    We came, we saw, we conquered the Toad
    we pounded the dirt and assailed the road
    there were miles of pavement, mostly uphill
    and all riders present did relish the kill

    We commenced from camp at an early hour
    our weapons ready and legs empower'd
    then proceeded to roam street by street
    in search of a route to our mountain feat

    From So Upper Truckee we staged our climb
    and worked our way up in an hour's time
    then across 89 to the dirt trailhead
    we counted our troops and forged ahead...

  5. While some rode FL2FT3
    One rider found Mosquito empty
    "No one is here!" he sadly exclaims
    Then went for drinks with a couple of dames.

    Waking up wednesday no flame in his gut
    He needed a ride, but out of the rut.
    Swallowed his pride, he needed to go far,
    Took a deep breath, put his bike on the car.

    Parked at Forestville, filled pockets with snacks,
    Straddled his steed, started making some tracks.
    Plunge to the Middle Fork, across the bridge,
    up nine switchbacks, to gain Ralston Ridge.

    Stopped at a spring, ate a sandwich of ham.
    Then made a crossing of French Meadows dam.
    For the ultimate climb, turned onto dirt.
    And finished the day with thousands of vert.

  6. A former rider,
    aspiring for responsibility.
    May have been suffering from insanity.
    Used to ride a-plenty,
    Currently fearing muscle atrophy.

    Staging a comeback.
    CX season still on track.
    Reshuffling of personal priority
    FT3 equals sanctity...

  7. I can't write or rhyme but I am in tonight.
    Lars, moving day will be tough for me as I am backpacking that weekend w/my oldest, and out of town the whole week before. Maybe I can help on Monday of Labor day. I would really like to help!

    All, add Oct 16th to your calendars for a trail improvement day at my house. You'll be well fed and hydraded. Details later.

  8. 7 or 8, I am in.

    FLFT3 continued....counted our troops and forged ahead...

    Look back we did and noone was dead. Recollected ourselves , checked the time again, DTI's are hurtin, but we're real men.

    On Cappy on C-Man, on NoHandle, on [Insert] Taco Handle, the riders did summit the top once and again.

    Upon descent scrapes were made and bars were bent but titanium and aluminum made it out without a dent.

    The fork in the rode took us round the long bend, but by the time we road home DTI's were on the mend.

    The ladies out walking, FT3 riders start talking, PBR's in hand and noone was balking.

  9. I am in. I, like No Handle can not count or ryme.