Tuesday, September 28, 2010

At a loss

Not really sure what to post this week. I am in that frame of cycling mind, where everything is cross but our season isn't here yet? Oh well, I guess the best cure is to get out on a bike, really anyone will do, and ride with my friends.

I suffered greatly in the work/family/house equation last weekend. However, I think I am winning in that fight. The great balancing act that is life has thrown its fair share of curve balls to the FT3 crew, but we always seem to rally and put riders on the "line". So my friends, inch your toe on up there and chomp down on that bit and take the challenges head on. Cross season starts in one week and four days! The road of life, yeah, we are always racing on that, "drivers wanted"!


Until we Ride,


  1. An Early post goes unanswered for 4 hrs+.
    Could be hot tonight and a pleasant night under the stars on both the trails and the back patio. Wonder if there will be any dust.

    I'm still wondering if we'll get the Grimminger(sp?) ride done before winter and shorter rides set in. Also, I may have found a new trail off of Sierra Springs Rd.

  2. Pending Events
    This Weekend: Race at Lars new abode
    Oct 9th: Cross Race
    Oct 16th: Trail Work+Race+BBQ at my place.

  3. I fear that this weekends events may be canceled or changed per general family fatigue. More info to come.

  4. That dude is obviously a Cat C racer given the leg out pogo cornering. Weak sauce. He must have a good job too cause that is a nice camera.

  5. Oh dear, people can't count or sound off today.
    Let's re-do that.

  6. SO I purposely left off the count, because I was not sure if I was in our out. Should a rider not be allowed such freedom to comment but not count? Counts will be spot on tonight sergeant NoHandle.

    This just in... I am in. SO, THREE, FOUR OR FIVE ...I AM IN!

  7. Son of a...B#&$^ Somehow I have manager to rip the wire clean off my charger so I now have no charger. My light might hold out for a while, but I am currently looking for a solid backup.

  8. As per usual......I am out. I will be back soon though.

  9. you can borrow my light cappy.....its not crazy bright though.

  10. Sweet is it charged and how can we hook up so I can get it?

  11. Its almost charged. I am at home doing estimates and billing. I can drop it by in a bit you at home or the office?