Monday, November 22, 2010

FT3: Going with the flow!

The forecast is not friendly to those desiring a camp fire and rounds of kumbaya...however winter doesn't even register in the list of things that cancel a ride. Actually come to think of it, I am not sure there is anything on the list of things that cancel a ride. Therefore, we may not camp, there may not be smores by the fire, but there will be a ride.

TGFT3 Revised:
After long analysis of the email threads today, this is what I am proposing, shot me down if needed but it seems to fit all criteria.

1) Ride will depart from the Mosquito lot at 5:45.
2) Come equipped with your ride of choice: Highly recommended to have both front headlight and rear flasher or red light.
a. There will be pave sections
b. There will be unpaved sections
c. There will be flat sections
d. There will be several really steep hills thrown in for good measure
(good to my word the Sunkyung will make its FT3 debut)
3)Post ride food and hydration are up in the air. I am posting from home with power at the current moment, however that has fluctuated moment to moment, so I will address the power situation throughout the day tomorrow at the Knot.
4) Ride Leader: Again a proposition - we make several loops in and out of the Mosquito Lot. Each FT3 member showing with an idea for a loop gets to lead one of the aforementioned jaunts. All routes will begin and end at the Mosquito Lot. Points for variety of terrain, creative use of road and trail network, rideability, and flow. A winner will be crowned post ride.
4) I see this as good growth from our "year one winter urban assaults": FT3 has shown good ability to adapt and grow!

Sundays cross report, well my day was summed up in the squeaking sound the brakes made as I grounded to a halt. The others, although faring better than I, all seemed to think that the energy sucking race was ridiculously taxing and not FT3 finest hour and how the hell does Alex Candelario go so flipping fast?!?!?!?!

Anyway, I can't tell if this guy is enjoy the race or not, might be a strategy I employ for future cross races?
Until we ride,


  1. Uh, I guess 2ish. Not b/c I'm ishy but b/c 1(ish) plus 2 = 2(ish).
    Did B chime in on letting us crash at his house if we eat in town.
    I am pretty sure that the Campout is totally done at Sly Park. I am happy to eat up there or in town (shotgun).

  2. 3. I'm pretty excited about exposing p-ville to a bike mob. Driving up to the knot seems anti-climactic, but they do treat us well.
    So, which bike? I assume the sunkyung is larz's fixed, is that dirt worthy?

  3. 4. I am not sure about returning to the Mosquito Lot after "loops", we might lose some riders there! Especially if there is beer there... Anyway, I think Lars is returning to his roots and will be running all the steep hills, and especially those covered with dirt, so this evening his name may well be Lars OTB, and not over the bars. Since there is dirt proposed, I will ride the MTB and preserve the CX for this weekends racing event in SF.

    SIgn in word Floydnya

  4. What do you mean "if" there is beer there...

    NoHandle, in case the carousing goes late, you are welcome to stay at my house.

  5. I second the "If" there is beer. Thanks for the late night option NoCar, I may take you up on it.
    I think we are looking at staying in town tonight where vehicles are involved (except for Lars).
    I'll be on a 29r Mtn ride tonight, ready for anything, wet, muddy, steep, fast, PreBR, Mid-BR, PostBR. I'll be warm and somewhat dry even.
    Is 50 even open?

  6. Chain control in Camino, and once the precip stops temperatures drop below freezing. I would consider those treacherous driving conditions. The overnight accommodation invitation is open, two futons and a pull out couch.

  7. 5-ish!!!

    I'm rolling the cross bike, all the warm gear I have, lights and a reflective vest - Safety First would be proud.

    I like the idea of loops and vote for local post ride dining. Out.

  8. 6-ish!

    I'll roll the MTB, since that seems the rig of choice. Not sure the brain will thaw enough to put together loops, but any ride is better than none.

    May have to pull a short-ride, depending on the nocturnal dispositions of my clan. If not, local dining is good.


  9. I'm looking at the sky, it is blue and white.
    Lars, do you have power?

  10. We have some work to do before we have 35 years of history like these guys down in Marin:

  11. Playing the ish card I'm out...icy and cold.