Sunday, November 7, 2010

What I Learned

If you are going to race A's you had best wrap your mind around your "A Game"! I will be first to admit that my race on Saturday will we logged in my "OK" category. I don't know if it was the Saturday race schedule and I was not prepared to shift gears from my work week to my race, or something less tangible but equally distracting. What ever it was, when the whistle blew and racers took off, that was about it for me, from that point my day was done. Having not stayed with a flying Bambi or Cap'n I was left in the back to fend for myself. Knowing the RG was chasing and not fighting with all I had to keep the older guys at bay, I kind of fell apart. Oh well, lesson learned! If I were racing B's I probably could have faired ok, but I am happy to race with the brotherhood and learn the hard way that "you can't accuse anyone of sandbagging A's"!

I will get the Jedi mojo working for our first visit to Lange this year.


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