Tuesday, November 30, 2010

No Shortage of Steeps

This is your Captain with the ride report for the planned, replanned and ultimately relocated TGFT3 event. At the mosquito lot our fearless group was met with brisk air and clear skys. Six riders including myself, RG, C-Man, THTH, No-Car and Bambi were set to knock down the P'ville steeps after prerequisite hydration. No-car was rolling the versitile urban Gary Fisher Hookooeeku or whatever it is with the rack, waterproof bag and several hydration units. To lighten his load, most of the group took at least one unit for carry and later use at a proposed hydration stops. It is notable that Bambi was rolling the single and RG was rockin the CX. The CX was deemed the lightest bike, albiet with the hardest gearing. That said, the hard man award goes to NoCar for the heavy bike, rack and carry for all. The route started up the steep side of Clay street and ventured into GB park for some Fat Tire keep it real fun. The warm up was good and took us into some more steeps near upper Bedford and across Quartz Hill. We ventured up Northridge, which was both steep and long, back down and around to enjoy some urban singletrack along SR 49. We took down another small steep, Green street back to Bedford then passed B's house for the steep near his place. We had pit stop number 1 at the bottom of Spring Street, then climbed that, and rolled over to Bee street, over canal and took in another steep across from combellack to 49. Down Combellack we enjoyed our first cold snap of the evening descending to Placerville Drive. We went up RLD and took down a dirt section there and ventured over past in and out and bambi was drooling. We dropped Forni and at this point we are over an hour into the ride and we start up Lo-Hi Way. This steep took it's toll and the riders were now beginning to feel as if they had been climbing a bit. We went over Forni to Excaliber where we had pit stop number 2. Excaliber took us to Coon Hollow then we enjoyed riding up Excelsier. Atop Big Cut we enjoyed yet another steep on Pardi Way. At the bottom of big cut we went down to Main Street and put Rector street in its place. We then took Pacific to Thompson to Cedar Ravine. Noting that it was nearly 9pm and our eating options were becoming fewer by the minute we decided that our finale would be the dirt crossing of a certain hill near cedar ravine. Atop there we took in the amazing views of the clear and cold nite for pit stop #3. The ride back into town was brisk and we realized that we missed Airport Road. Indeed, no shortage of steeps. We rolled up to Powells at 9:20 and they denied no-car tacos. We later found that if someone else had asked we might have gotton them. Rolled up to Round Table at 9:22 and they were still open so we went in, cycling gear and all, and our friend no-car put the tab on his card. Maui Zaui and Garlic Chicken was the called of course topped with massive amounts of peppers. Sierra Nevada was enjoyed and wagers were made on the elevation gain. Can't wait to see the GPS. Post pizza we led some stray young ladies back to 'the bus station' and the pithy core changed and rallied for post, post ride hydration at Powells. Powells was gracious and the pithy core sayed out a bit too late.


That's a call out for this weeks alternate ride:
Skinny Knobby Tire Peanut Butter and Jelly Cyclocross Wedensday!

With well over two feet still on the ground in Pollywood, not ride of any significance is taking place up there tonight. Last weeks Tour de Steeps proved highly succesfull and could be duplicated tonight. However, for those of us currently bit by the Cross bug, the Wedensday Rodeo Cross in Folsom may be a good alternative. Racing goes off at 7:30 and looks like is a $15 cost for those already doing either Rodeo Cross or the Sac Series.


Golden Gate Cross:
Snow kept me home bound on Sunday, but it sounds like the race was well worth the trip for those in attendance! RG, Cap'n and Bambi all made the trip down and raced hard. Looks like RG had a good crash near the start and pulled out of the race. No crash report, but sounds like he is ok. Cap'n and Bambi battled in Bay Area A's and held their own. I am sure they both wanted to be higher in the ranks but looking at times, it appears that both did an amazing job! Way to fly the colors with pride FT3. Oh yeah, thanks for bringing my better half home from the city!

Until We Ride,


  1. I went down hard, got run over and tweaked the bike. Chasing 1:30 back with a rubbing brake was not fun, called it a day.

    Yesterday I discovered a small ding on the top tube of the Lynskey.

    Peter Out!

  2. I am in for the Rodeo Cross option or SKTPBJCXW, so ...2.

    I am dissapointed the tour de steeps ride report didn't make the blog. I could have been coloring with my kids during the time I spent writing it. Oh well.

  3. Welcome back B.

    Maybe some of you hard core non-racers would like to ride down to Folsom Wed to meet us hard core racers and join us for PBJ?

  4. What about a ride out to the new trail along the American River???

  5. I am on the fence. I have some mandatory errands that I have to do tonight. If I can make it back up the hill in time I will ride.

  6. d-d-d-down with the slickness tonight. SKTPBJCXW sounds good, or a slog along the SFART. Open to whatever.

    Sorry for the non-assist on the ride report, Cappy. I let the holiday and general chaos interfere with more important matters. Won't let it happen again. I, too, would like to read it.

    Welcome, B. As usual, your preference for powder has you soliciting a snowshoe effort at the lake. That could be sweet, but may interfere with the hard core racer's training regimen.


  7. Many apologies for the ride report. As commonly agreed upon, LOtB is a bit busy these days. The offer is out for a new administrator to step forward and take the reigns so to speak. Until that time I will do my best.

    RG - Speed wrinkles only make you go faster!

    B - The crust is something fierce...it would be a walk/slog as I doubt any riding would get done!

  8. Oh yeah, and I augmented todays callout with the ride report included.

  9. when attacked towards the end of the tour, it can feel like the steepest. One could argue our legs were plenty warmed up by then, but it felt like climbing a wall. The clear skies and naturally cooled beverages made everything a bit more tolerable.

  10. I am out tonight. In lovely SB again!
    RE a BLOG administrator, we have had 3 volunteers, Cap'n is the first to take the charge. Now that the Turkey Trot is over, do you want to hand over the reins?

  11. BTW, given the cross desires, why don't you roll the railroad tracks down to the Red Hawk Casino. There is an interesting sign near the Red Hawk Parkway exit that is worth visiting.
    Not to mention that I think they stay open later than most places on main street.

  12. Lo-Hi Way was toughest in my book, that second pitch on the narrow bumpy road was near hernia inducing.

    For the record, Bambi had the toughest gear on the single speed MTB, but I'll take extra points for braving some of the butt-pucker desents on the cross bike; two OTB excursions that night, the GGP CX race made three so I've met my yearly quota.

  13. Just got back from Humboldt. We hit some classic single track, and now the voodoo is out of commission. Not sure there is even a ride tonight, but if there is, I'm out.
    Excellent report of an excellent ride Cap'n. I look forward to the nest tour de steeps.