Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Short Ride Central

Well it was bound to happen. When you burn the candle at both ends you are bound to get, well, burned. Ouch, I will have to subject myself to more "short ride" quips and ridicule as my trusty Specialized will once again turn into a pumpkin tonight at the stroke of "way too early" and force me home. I guess in the end I am happy to report that it is not my job, nor any element of professional life working me like a marionette, no the strings are being tugged and pulled by three individuals in particular, they happened to be aged 6, 4, and 1! For those of you without the joys of your own puppet masters, I got nothing for you. Some FT3 members are just enough ahead of the toddler curve to by sympathetic, but that is not an FT3 trait! Councilman, its you and I my friend, you and I, left to fight the good nighttime fight! I say an empty padded room and let them sleep where they fall! Unfortunately, that hasn't gone over real well. So at the witching hour when tacos and refreshments are abound, I will be trying to help young ones fall off to sleep, in their own beds, for the entire night, without waking me up, or at least not to early, oh who am I kidding, I will be up on the hour every hour, man, you just can't win!

However, fear not my brothers, cross season is amongst us and I am just coming into form (or at least that is what I am telling myself). A ride is a necessity, training is the only constant in life! So I will be there, at the Knot lot, ready to roll. I will put on the extra thick skin to take the verbal assault of yet another "short ride".

1) Any one interested in an earlier pre-loop tonight?
2) I wouldn't mind hitting the Chopping Block tonight, outside of that, anyone got a route that they are burning to do?

THTH and I took a shot at MET on Sunday and got turned around much earlier than anticipated by some low snow that had stubbornly refused to melt off during almost a week of nice warm weather. With another system moving in this weekend, the bike onto of that Tercel that keeps rolling through town, may be replaced with skis!

That same system may create yet another very legit Nor Cal CX event at Lange Twins on Sunday. Global Climate Change? Yeah, I still don't buy it!

One other note, driving into work yesterday, I listened to an article about the country of Bhutan and their desire to not measure GDP but to measure GHI (the General Happiness Index). RG, you may have been onto something with that formula you presented long ago.

Personally, my GHI will hit a season peak come Friday when I get a little extra time with the family, some quality CX racing stacked up, and way too many calories.


Until we ride,


  1. Two.
    I wonder if RG could put together a forumula for the inter working of GHI in relation to DTI.
    I'm pretty sure it goes something like this "If mamma ain't happy...."
    MET was epic as usual even if a bit icy, what a beutiful day and the Dogwoods were going off.

  2. Three.
    I too will make the early announcement that I am pulling an eat and run this evening. I have been sick and am still dealing with sinus issues so I need to maximize my sleep. This may be a P3 of sorts, Personal Protection Peter.

  3. Four.

    Oh yes the RFFI - Ride Fun Factor Index or something like that. I'm happy to report the fitness variable has out weighted the waning testosterone levels of mid-life this past year. Last weeks, rain outing via 2 wheel transport mitigated any lingering P3 points on my card.

    I'm on board with this early retreat theme tonight. I have another 6am meeting with my Intel compatriots that host our favorite summer bike race.

    This weekend was the perfect mix of ride, food, scenery and DTI enhancement rolled into one; I'll provide a brief trail report out.

  4. Five.

    Alissa and I got to meet some of the Auburn (and other) mountain bikers this weekend. We went out for an IMBA sponsored trail work day on saturday followed by a group ride sunday that did a full tour of Cronan and an out and back on the new trail to salmon falls. It would be a great run on a crosser.

  5. Alas, I am on my last makeup tango lesson tonight. My break was going to start the 1st of Nov, but conspiring powers pushed for an extension. That, or, as a group, we stink at dancing :(

    Larz, indeed we are brothers in arms; fighting to retain our sanity and what little freedom we have. While I appreciate your marionette metaphor, I liken my situation to the circus. I am an aspiring ring-master/clown, juggling knives while dodging heavy objects (toys), wild animals (mine are 1 and 3.5) and trying to patch a leaky tent. Brave on, dear soldier. There is light ahead!

    B, you are not only bragging, you are setting the bar ever higher for FT3ECA (extra-curricular activities). Makes my foray into Tango seem like, well, a suave strut in the park.

    Looking to attend FT3TG ride. Have Wednesday off, just need to, like Larz, address the nighttime routine sans papa. Wish me luck, friends...

  6. Not Five.

    I may have spoken too soon. I have to retract my rider call out. I'm leaving for Squaw tomorrow, but first I have to untangle a nightmarish pile of data.
    My boss also threatened to prevent me from attending TGFT3, so I'll be quitting on friday.

  7. You guys are a bunch of Peter's. You call me Peter Pissy Pants? The only tough guy in the lot of you is the one you call B. That guy is cool. I'm coming riding tonight, I can't wait to see him. See you on the trails.