Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Oh, What's This?

Temps hovered right around the perfect level and the trails were tip top! The lower section of the lip may have achieved a new level of awesomeness! The sharp right hander leading into the more technical elements of the lower lip is building up a nice bank making it a bit less hairy. I am sure the Chopping Block was epic but alas I had to bail and return to the home duties.

The Highlight Reel:

- Councilman was spied around 12:30 doing some secret CX training! Way to get in a Tuesday ride!
-Although threatening to show, Peter was absent again. It was agreed that he probably couldn't decide what to wear and was left wallowing in self pity closetside strapped with gear confusion!
-Two last minute work related no-shows marked a sad and tragic truth that bills to continue to show and this old bike might need to be replaced. Outside of B, few of us have figured out how to link billing time to bike time.
-Riders present: Xteric (stealth showing prior to roll out and stealth style throughout), B, Cap'n, THTH, and Lars.
-Hit a new connector trail of no significance but a good new little section of dirt.
-Daniel Boone and Davey Crooket (B and THTH) thought they saw a bear on Redneck and as any good, college educated, grown man would do, they dropped their bikes and went running through the woods trying to catch a better look...that would have been a fun one to explain.
-Exposed rocks were slick, trails were EPIC! and I am not shying away from the E word, truly spectacular conditions, get out there before snow hits this weekend.
-Best comment: Read below
Isn't it odd how full blown competition can evolve seemingly out of no where? After dabbling in Flemming, Redneck Rising, and the Left Lip, we hit the Lake Loop and the this seemed like a good spot to get some fast, consistent single track. After looping around to the Miwok trail, we headed up the Sub Qualifier. Things seemed generally quick but nothing too out of the ordinary, and then, like a phonix rising, the pace quickened (a lot) and B and Cap'n were dicing up front? Hmmm, interesting, THTH and I were side by side and were both pedaling a little bit harder and faster now, Xteric was on the wheel and not dropping off. Like a tree falling in the forest, the booming sound of the gauntlet being thrown was audible to all. THTH stepped up our pace at about the same time Cap'n backed off a bit. Pushing the red line a little further out, I caught Too Hot's wheel and got a good meal of flying mud. I can't speak for anyone else, but I was drilling in, just trying to keep the pace. As we came by Cap'n the best line of the night was uttered:

"Oh, what's this!"

You got to be kidding me, you know exactly what "this" is! "This" is what a Tuesday ride is all about, "this" is a statement about racing A's, "this" is a really fast pace...what the hell is going on, and like that we were in an all out chase of B, and then with B and an all out race to the top, and out of no where, competition had sprung fierce! Nearing the top, Cap'n employed a new and clever tactic. He told me I should turn off my light? Um ok, and let you easily gap me to the top, yeah right...No dude, your light is red and we don't want you riding home in the dark...Right, competition is only so fierce, but brotherhood gets us home safe! The legs burned and the heart was racing but the fun factor, that one was through the roof!

Sunday's Lange Twins CX race is lining up to be another classic event. La Nina creates the weather and FT3 creates the go-go. I am a little afraid that this will be the route for me to the race on Sunday. Old man winter is revving up!

Until we ride,


  1. I said no suchg thing! Just kidding. Well written write up indeed. I think our time at A.T. may have influenced the decision not to drop the chop. We chose Wedding March to RG 1A instead. Winning 'races' with your light off at night is like winning races without drafting. All the more significant. Lars' CX form is showing. He is noticibly converting the diesel into a V-Tec Honda. Time falling off the trainer at A.T., apparently, is time well spent.

    Sign in word: testosterone

  2. I was only tired from my wheel barrel training I did this weekend. I'm competing in this year's event at the fair.
    JK, my legs were on fire. Nice write up Lars, indeed the trails were EPIC.