Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Flying Saucers Found in Placerville

Three riders met in the Mosquito Lot, already kitted, and ride ready. Each was riding their "fun" bike, Cap'n on his SS, B with his belt drive, and Nocar on his crosser. After a quick round of high quality hydration, we departed with Lights Off. We paraded through downtown, delighting FT3 spotters on the sidewalks and headed for the first steep Cribbs rd. I immediately lost my bearings. We climbed high enough to encounter meager snow patches and plunged what was a technical ascent last steeps tour. Cap'n displayed his abundant secret trail knowledge, leading us on steep mixed surface roads all over Texas Hill.

The locals who inhabit these tucked away corners have strange customs. One sign read, "Blind Dog, Drive slow and honk" (we did neither)
When exploring a new connector between Newtown and the El Dorado Trail we mistakenly rolled up someone's driveway. Tucked in the trees were a pair of spaceships (burning man hover cars?). They appeared in good condition.
Cap'n promptly ordered a retreat before B got up the nerve to start one.

From there it was a little climb to the the El Dorado trail and a frigid roll into town. Cap'n, fearing the onset of hypothermia, turned for home and his fire place. We debated how far the temperature had plunged below freezing, only to see 42 displayed on the bank thermometer. Must be heat island effect.

B and nocar continued to Powell's. We were graciously invited to bring our bikes inside, and to place a taco order as they had kept the kitchen open for us. (No doubt expecting a large turnout, as FT3 is rumored to do.) We enjoyed grilled fish and pork tacos, and picked from a variety of fine beers. The tab, of course, reflected our indulgences.


  1. Both Boys and Girls teams won round one of playoffs which means...yeah more basketball! Round two is Thurs and Fri still in the 'ville, come on by and for some small town fun...I'll be there...who am I kidding, I am always there. Friday should be fun to pull off with 4 feet of snow forecasted in Pollywood!

    I got these things hanging in the garage, kinda funny looking. Two round objects and a odd double triangle contraption holding the round thing in place...anyone know what they are?

    Is next Tuesdays alt transport lake loop going to be the call?

  2. Getting ready for a BIG WIND day down here today, have to break out the smaller 'software'. First solo run yesterday went well, a bit of riding, kite crashing and board chasing, par for the beginner course.

    I'll try to polish the paparazzi skills for you B, the northern crew did a 45 min P90X session with 15 mins of solid ab work, de femine six packs with bonus shots all around.

    Sounds like I'm missing the monster storm. Do they sell snow shoes at Big5? While the mexican food and libations are flowing at a generous rate, the FT3 vibe as they say is missing for this solo newbie.

    Asta manana!

  3. I got stuck behind NoHandle one tuesday when he was having a Big Wind day. it was no fun.

  4. Here is the surf report from Santa Cruz. Flat, dead flat. Almost as flat as sly park lake on a calm hot summer day. Ironed, in fact. Weather is holding, not raining just yet. Maybe the calm before the storm here. Fish and chips are good, and Pizza My Heart was better. Off to check the surf again... Cap'n. PS great post and I am surprised the UFO's aren't creating more chatter.

    "Sometimes I feel like a ride leaderless FT3." - NoCar

  5. Rack up another W for the Lady to Arco for us! I will see you guys again someday...