Thursday, February 10, 2011

Sunday South Fork Double Cross Ride

Sure you've ridden the South Fork double road ride, a leisurely lunch time outing, that drops to the South Fork at Chili Bar and Mosquito (or at Lotus and Mosquito for a little challenge).
But, last FT3 the gauntlet was thrown and the charge was made to drop to the South Fork on Forebay road and then Mosquito. By linking in Cable this ride is at least 55 miles, 9000 feet of climbing, and 50% dirt. Everything a cross bike likes best.

  • Goods and services are not available outside of Apple Hill
  • No vehicle access for the most remote twenty miles of the ride
  • Cellular reception is poor
  • Peter, don't even think about it
So, pack a lunch and meet at 7:45 (extra 15 minutes to make a sandwich, or Indian wrap) at the bagelria.



  1. Chickenbake whatelse.

    He'll yes pack a lunch and please be on time. This is no ride to start out late


  2. NoCar, have you done this outing before? What is the approximate timeframe?

  3. I can comment from second hand info as follows.
    I challenged NoCar on some of his stats at FT3 and he seemed very clear that the last time (so yes he's donet this before) he did the ride, it took 5 hrs (some comment about a chronometer). His mileage #s were an estimate but time was spot on. We'll be out for the better part of the day. Be on time.
    Ghost, you need knobbies

  4. If you want to suffer, a road bike with 28s would survive, 23s would be rough.
    The road segments are the steepest climbs and descents, the dirt is rolling to steep. A rigid mountain bike with town and country type tyres would be as good as anything.

  5. Is the count at 2 + Ghost if he gets a bike

  6. I do, by the way, have an appropriately treaded, rigid mtn. bike. And it's properly rigged to carry a 12 pack.

  7. No can do for LOtB. Crosser is up for use, 9er needs brake pads, but with a quick shop session would be good to go as well.

  8. THREE.

    I am up for an earlier meeting time in an effort to push the roll time up a bit if others are game. Say 7:15 meet up for 7:30 roll out?

  9. I was totally going to come on this ride but you guys say I shouldn't even try. My time is much better now that I have been training. I never like early starts tho, especially on cold mornings so I will probably not show up for this one. Maybe I will ride the loop backwards and catch up with you guys when you are tired.

  10. ... and Peter is back! I'm out this Sunday. Furthermore, I'd probably be rolling a bit too slow on the mountain bike.

  11. Welcome aboard Cap'n.
    Fine, I'll make my sandwich the night before. Rolling by 7:30.

  12. whose bike will it be ghost?
    I think Rock God is out of town, so there's no point in waiting for his offer.

  13. Out with sick kids :(

    "Mubarak flees Cairo with family". Looks like the thought of living under hastily applied FT3 bylaws proved too much for him. Some

    Peace my brothers.

  14. Thanks for the great ride NoCar, what an awesome loop with great weather and company. Can't wait to do it again. Man, did we squeeze this ride in just in time before a total weather change too. I am beat today.