Monday, April 4, 2011

FT3 = N+1, Where N = Niner

Twenty Nine Inches from Brian Park on Vimeo.

So if the rumors are correct, the entire FT3 pithy core is now in posession of at least one 29er bike in their N+1 sum. For all of FT3 the calculation may be FT3 = S-1, where s= FT3 and -1 = the remaining rider who does not currently have a niner (does it count if he used to have one?).

Some quality Sunday riding went off this weekend. A smallish group of Nohandle, Cap'n, GreenFro and the return of Xteric enjoyed nice weather on a classic loop including Forni, Davidson, French Creek, Starbuck, a super fast Deer Valley plus a jaunt through Greenstone. The riders reeped or weeped what they sowed, depending on the rider. Along the ride there was some discussion of 24 hour racing which was met with lackluster enthusiasm. There was a sighting of C-man, taking a young and spry muffin protective Gen 2 member out for some early trail maintenance training. We also understand that there was a sighting of R.G. out secret training on Saturday. He may be training up in anticipation of a strong return to a niner-wielding and spring fresh FT3.

Speaking of Spring Fresh, indeed Spring is in the air and from what I hear the snow is melting. I suppose that mean FT3 will be back to norml riding this week. FT3, Here's 'yer callout. Bring yer niner.

Ride like the wind,



  1. My mountain biking was never spot on, but at least now its on Spot.

    The actual number of niners in the collective FT3 quiver has remained the same, but they have become more equitably distributed. This is in keeping with "trickle down economics". According to this theory, as bicyclists' training time trickles down, they purchase lighter and more expensive bicycles to compensate. Their old bicycles are then made available to the general market. This has also been called Voodoo economics for obvious reasons.

  2. Sounds like the greatest cartological breakthrough since North.
    You know where I'll be at 8 AM tomorrow.

  3. Nocar, aka Johnny on the Spot. What a score.
    I hear there was bidding, and backroom deals, but you came out on top. Welcome to the big wheeled brigade. Now I will never be able to catch you. D@mn the luck.

    Trail work was productive, though Mike and Jacquie and the gang did the heavy lifting. Evan dug trenches and clipped branches, and we covered the section between Mo flat and Blanchard. Some re-routing will happen to avoid the big pond right at Blanchard. Currently, the adjacent landowner is squatting on part of the access road. Question now is, which side will have the class 1? DOT will have to evaluate and decide, but that is a long way off! The work continues on April 17, for those interested.

    Thanks for the heads up, B. I'll be down for one of each of those shiny new maps.

  4. Time to get down to business: ONE

    Despite the first of the month tradition, I will be running through my nine speeds on the Spot.

    Mrs. Nocar and I hit up p-wood on saturday and got in some good miles. The snow was still deep in spots and everywhere else was muddy. Disc brakes are gonna improve my game.

  5. This is not looking good for NoCar. I am out tonight. Word on the street is that there is a cold front moving and with snow to 1400 feet. We may be looking for Plan B again next week. Don't look to me to come up with creative alternate riding options.

  6. Where is everyone?
    Is Peter hosting charades at the Community Center tonight?

  7. I got a back channel confirmation from Xteric.

  8. I've been just reading the comments and if you're going to the trails with mud and snow, I'll probably stay around town or just see everyone for a send off. Thanks for the heads up B on the maps. I've gotta get my hands on one of em before the price goes up. And if I ride, I'll be rolling on small wheels.