Saturday, March 1, 2014

Weekend Update

The winter of best ever rides continued its unbroken string last Tuesday.

This guy pedaled up.

This guy was ride leader.

The pace? Spirited. The soil? Mega-gription. Trail maintenance requiring nine men on the log? Check!

Lots of chatter on the back channel lately.
If you prefer your road rides to resemble the eggs in your Benedict, then the Pardee Party and the America's Most Beautiful Ride have been calendared with interested riders. If you prefer your road rides to be dirty, then Cappy is planning the full extended hobo remix.

This weekend looks great for riding, though I was one of many who opted to slide.

Peter has invited anyone interested to his house on Tuesday. He plans on getting people together to play solitaire on their phones. As Peter said, "The only lonely part of solitaire is when you win and no one is around to share in your victory. This way we can have all the thrill of a good solitaire game, but won't have to celebrate alone."
Should be a good time for anyone who misses FT3.

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  1. Welcome back to the blog NoCar! Great post and recap of the recent events. Although, I'm more likely to attend Peter's Solitaire party tonight, it would be nice if I could pedal over to his house.

    It was discussed in the past of having a pre-departure ride for an earlier group of riders before the normal ride from the Knott lot. Has that ever gained any traction?