Tuesday, November 20, 2018

New Season

Last week was so fun, I wonder if I'm remembering it right; inspired rideleadership, hard charging, conversations both topical and comical, and spirited taco service.

Been over a month since any rain drops hit local dirt. And the last week has seen hordes of lowlanders recreating in relatively smoke-free Pollywood. Tonight should be the last of the ultra-fine, brown pow, that we've come to know so well.

Holiday week, so no one is really working. Can we better last week's seven strong?



  1. You remembered right! It was that awesome.


  2. It was awesome. And Newb was there, which upped the awesomeness. Sadly, I am out for tonight with work commitments. Happy Turkey day to all! Enjoy the brown pow!

  3. Indeed, it was. Out with fam commitments tonight. Hope to return to hero dirt conditions next week.

  4. Out again
    Can’t wait for some FT3. Always something in the way. Happy Turkey Day