Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Tuesday's Keep Coming!

The chick bike is still without chain and experiencing some interesting shifting patterns. Therefore, the Mt. Tek rolls again. For a $5 bike, this has definitely become the trusty standby. In the spirit of full disclosure, the rear wheel build was a bit more than $5, and we will be doing a very quick cog swap pre-ride. I promise to not create the 7:30 or so back up of last week. I do believe several FT3 rules were violated in last weeks ride. A drastic beverage tax will be created this week for any such violations.

No matter how it plays out, it seems that Tuesday's just keep coming around on the calendar. These cyclical things are crazy. Just when I think all is lost, pop, there is another Tuesday and another night to ride. We have passed through the first segment of heat for this summer and are poised for a perfect night for riding. Actually from the looks of the clouds last night, maybe even a sprinkle or two fell in Pollock last night. This all makes for pretty ideal riding conditions. Good thing it is Tuesday again!

Mosquito 5:45...Exit 54 is in full effect!

Secret Training...Keep posted for updates.

Until we ride again,


  1. THREE!! Dudes, I am thinking about naming my softball team "Pville Bombastic Roster." What do you guys think?

  2. This is a Mt. Biking Blog, we don't speak no stinking softball lingo...That said, cool name!

  3. So far it's a four man roster for tonight's game. With both the Rocky and the Specialized on the DL, we'll see if Lars and Bambi have what it takes to deliver a win tonight. This 53 week series has been a killer on the team, and the all star game out in Cool didn't help things. It is possible the coach will pull the Motobecane out of the Bull Pen for a push late in the game.

  4. Don't forget the two younger players that are always game for a ride! Umm Babe ducks in the pond.