Friday, November 27, 2009

When asked FT3 delivers!

In the midst of the holiday mayhem, I wanted to get a quick note out. There is both good news and bad news from the holiday. Both of which are that FT3 has grown a conscious. Our ability to reach out and get folks to participate and contribute to a good cause resulted in the Turkey Trot earning $1370.00. Knowing that we can be such a force may mean we really do start doing more than riding bikes! Spot on mates, thanks for making this such a success!

More info and pics to stop Golden Gate Park...

Until we ride,


  1. Nice job lars the event was an awesome turn out! Lets advertise it next year and make it a for sure annual event. Good times! How about a duathalon event option?

  2. Well done LOtB and family! It was a fine time and and a solid cause. Looking forward to next year!