Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Let the Mountain Decide

The first edition of the 2010 CX Seasons SS/CXFT3 ride went off without a hitch, although the rock garden did take it's toll on several riders. To tie this to current events, the section of rock garden was not unlike the cobbles of the TDF on the same day.
In typical SS/CXFT3 fashion, we hydrated with Pre-BR's. For NoCar and B who rode up, that was a post pre-ride Pre-BR. Since I was fortunate enough to get a hold of Xteric and hitch a ride, we met NoHandle and newbie Rich (insert taco handle - for now we'll call him street shorts) at the Knott Lot. The pithy core of FT3 in attendance rode cross bikes and the newbie Street Shorts was on an FT3 approved and pre-owned MTB chick bike. Since he was a baller on the Pville Bombastic Roster, we were confident from the start that he would hang tough. Of course we were headed for the qualifier, but to keep riders guessing default ride leader Cappy lead the group down the steep decent to lake level then back up to the qualifier. As we crossed the road we passed two urban teenagers, one on a BMX, the other on a Wal Mart FS, they kindly let us pass as we railed cross bikes up the super steep single track. I believe they watched in dismay as we climbed then descended the horse trail and dropped back down to road level where they watched and waited. Either they were impressed by what we were doing on 'ten speeds' or they were astonished by our gay outfits. Street Shorts made all qualifier checkpoints in reasonable time. We pressed on and descended wedding march. Wedding march was sweet on cross bikes, someone said likeStar Wars, and indeed is in need of trail mainenance which could earn an FT3 rider Knighthood. There was funny discussion about heading to Barnes Back, as Xteric had informed Streets Shorts that it was the only other hard climb out there and that it was unlikely we would go there anyway. Of course we had every intention of going there but default ride leader cappy missed the turn in a impromptu visit to the man-made water fall. We continued around the lake and ended up climbing the left lip. There we got eaten by mosquitos while the lip took its toll on Street Shorts, but it was 'all good' as the collective riders were pleased with his strong effort and good showing. Therefore we rode along MET, on trails - not asphalt to decend the rufus rage DH zone. We cleared a few gap jumps then headed to the dock for a swim. From there it was on to the Knott. We spent a lot of time there and Cappy had 8 tacos. B and NoCar were mumbling 'Pino' and ended up making the big decision to stay at the Knott for an eventful cycle home with a possible Pino stop along the way. I wonder how they are feeling this morning...