Wednesday, July 21, 2010

A Trail With A View!

Tuesday's outing is now notched in my collective FT3 memory as one of the top five rides for me. Again the home situation was about to derail my attempt to ride. However, calmer heads prevailed and I was kicked out of the house and forced to go ride...I'll take it any way I can get it.

I joined NoCar, Cap'n, NoHandle, RG and Safety First at the Mosquito Lot for the roll up. B was doing his new routine of riding to the Knot Lot, and we received a late (as in suited up and ready to roll) call from Xteric and Keds asking to hold up, they were on their way. As a strong group of nine we finally hit the trails. Having some new members in the midst, we had no choice but to alter the original route and head for the qualifier. Contador's spirit was strong in the group as the pace was pegging it from the get go. I was further blamed of pulling a 'berto by rolling through an undesignated regroup location. Hey, rules are rules and tradition reigns supreme. The good news was that all qualified and we were able to head out on an exploration en mass. It is worth noting that The Park Creek pace was still high and folks were frisky!

A wee bit ago I had a chat with Taco Spawn regarding the climb atop Barnes Back. With the cryptic directions in hand we ventured into the unknown and were rewarded with an utterly fantastic find. A mostly dirt road section opened up before us with endless options present. The top of the trail offered some super Sierra views and has thus been dubbed Spawn Summit Trail. We did our best to keep to the directions offered and eventually made it back to Hazel Creek Rd for a ripping descent back to the trail junction on Park Creek. Giddy with the excitement of a new trail the pace stayed high as we headed back to the Wedding March and Tacos. Cap'n was not short on blog worthy terms near rides end trying to link Pollock and Pyrenees: The FT3 riders selected a Pollynees route for Tuesdays ride. Love it!

There may have been a swim in the lake but my eyes were closed so I cannot confirm.

At tacos the new handles were issued and accepted with honor. Tacos were a bit thin but I noticed they grew during the course of the night. Mother Rye is getting official Knot Hole uniforms out to all of us. I am still unsure of where I may wear said shirt outside of a Tuesday night???? The late roll and the leisurely dinner pace made for a late night. The drive home was equally marked with some odd CHP patrol of a crash site and a lost Corvette.

Until We Ride


  1. You guys suck. I think I will have to call in sick to work next week to garuntee I can make the ride.

  2. I got in trouble for leaving the taco bitch shirt on the kitchen counter. Apparently the eight year old read the words on the back. DTI Level: Guarded.

    It is also notable that Larz' grumpyness trumped NoHandle's in the Moquito lot. It was a first to see one rider miffed about another rider's heightened level of grumpyness.

    BOSB has his first assignment - retain our parking!! Get to work BOSB. I would start by setting up a meeting with C-man.

  3. Always a blast with new adventures on FT3.

    Here are the ride stats. Check out the terrain view on the map, it looks like a full ridge to ridge run is doable, next Tuesday?