Friday, July 9, 2010

My Best Frank Schleck Impersonation

I did my best to "Be like Frank" yesterday on my solo version of Thursday's CX Adventure. Putting the bike down on an unnamed dirt road was less than desirable, however, finishing the CX adventure off with a trickle of blood off the elbow made me feel like are real cross racer. Speaking of which, I have ten races in on the calendar for this fall!!!!

Folsom Cyclebration CX Race: Sept 11
Sac CX: Oct 9 and 23
Sac CX: Nov 6 and 20
Bay Area Super Prestige - Golden Gate (the annual trip): Nov 28
Sac CX: Dec 4 and 18 (Birthday race with post race Barnes family party)
Sac CX: Jan 8 and 22

Other races of note:
We have often talked about making the Crank Bros Grand Prix in Portland which is Dec 4th this year. Followed closely by the US Nationals in Bend the following weekend. Any interest?
There are also some early season So Cal races that are in the UCI calendar and could draw the big names. I think the ten races listed above will about do it for the DTI so I will stick with those. One quick something to get the juices flowing!

Until we Ride (or race Cross)
LOtB - Frankified

PS: I have re-embedded the link to Cappy's movie, don't know why it came up as a hotlink, but its fixed now!

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